Hi Guys, my name is Shakir Hassan.

Welcome to my “About Me” page.

I appreciate some of my blog readers have interest in knowing about me.

This is me, and let’s dig into the post to know who am I?

Here you go:

Something About Me:

My name is Md. Shakir Hassan, best known as Shakir. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, on 13 September 2001. I am currently a school-going student, in 9th Class.

I’ve been blogging for last three years. I started blogging after got motivated by so many great bloggers, Syed Balkhi to be more specific. He was one of those guys by whom I inspired to start doing blogging.

Keep digging here to know how I got into blogging.

How Shakir Hassan Started Blogging:

This is pretty crazy, and funny, REALLY.

Here’s how:

From the beginning, I had enthusiasm in my blood to become either a Web Developer or Web Designer.

I searched for some simple combination of words in Google, i.e. “The salary of a web developer/designer”

What could be a better keyword than this one? As I searched this keyword, I got fuel for some motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm in my blood.

I got some amazing answers from the results of that particular keyword, and it was enough to push me in the track of Web Development and Designing. Then, I started learning the nuts and bolts of Web Development and Designing.

Off-course, I had no money that I could invest in a paid course to learn this stuff. And as before, I headed over to Google, and this time I searched for this simple, and straight-to-the-point keyword, Learn Web Development online.

From the top ten results, I got one of the websites where video tutorials on Web Development and Designing were available, and, I leveraged those video tutorials and started learning web development and designing, for FREE.

What Pushed Shakir Hassan in the Track of Blogging:

As I said, the salary of a Web Developer and Designer pushed me in the track of Web Development and Designing, and these two same things put me in the track of Blogging as well. Really.

Here’s How:

The website from where I was learning coding, and designing, also had stuff available on Blogging and Internet Marketing.

At that time, I had no idea of blogging, nor of Internet marketing. Just for curiosity, I had to check the Blogging section. Videos were available on Blogging, and I watched ’em all (it was just like a course, it contained 13-14 videos.)

Once I had been done with those videos, at that time, my eyes were opened up. I knew the capability of blogging. And I had known Blogging is an awesome tool to get connected with those folks who have interest in your content.

Once I was convinced with the power of blogging, I started doing blogging.

Isn’t it so much funny, and crazy? 

Feel free to tell me in the comment section below.

And this is how I got into the infinite range world of blogging.

Shakir Hassan’s Present

Shakir Hassan

At the very present moment, my focus is to connect with my blog readers. I want to build a community, in fact. And for this, I need tons and tons of loyal readers, just like you (-:

I am also learning to code using PHP, JavaScript and other programming languages.

Let’s fetch each other:

I love to connect with my readers. Infact, I love connecting more than anything, Really.

If you want to have a conversation from me, please don’t hesitate in asking, either by commenting below, sending me a tweet at Twitter, or sending me a message on Facebook.

The most active is I am on Twitter, where you can find me at @ShakirBlogger.

Don’t forget to connect on Facebook as well, connect now.