Reasons Why People Will Link to Your Website

In the era of superfast internet and smartphones, you can imagine the importance of content and the importance of giving that content a boost so that you can make money out of it.

Whenever you are building a website, the main aim that one can look out for is to create SEO friendly content that can come in the searches of people from where traffic will be driven, and your website ranking will improve.

This is how most of the people who are now building websites think. But this is not as easy as it looks or sounds as there are quite a few other things that you need to do to survive in this vicious market.

One such thing that people often forget while they work on the website is the importance of backlinks. You may be having an eagles eye on SEO and keywords and quality of your content, but backlinking is essential as well, actually very important.

Backlinking is the incoming link on to any webpage which means that whenever a webpage links itself to another webpage than it is called backlinking.

It is estimated that search engine algorithms give backlinking 80% Weightage and people often forget to do backlinking to their newly developed websites.

The more backlinking is there, the higher your website will be ranked. To rank higher, any small webpage needs to link to 30-250 sites. But the important thing is that you need others a reason to link to you.

Reasons Why People Will Link to Your Website

Reasons Why People Will Link to Your Website

Without any reason, no one would want to link to any small website at all. Without any significant backlinking, you will only have low backlinks that will be of no use to you.

You can build some of the links on your own like profiles of business listings and social media profiles. However, these links won’t alone be sufficient to rank your site on higher ranks.

We will now take you through some of the reasons as to why people will link to your websites. There are some easy ways to increase SEO rankings that will help your cause to build a better site.

Natural and Unique Content

Every other business website may have got thousands of link requests, but they would keep on avoiding them as it will be a waste of time only. They will link to your site if you give them a reason to do so. And one such idea is to show them the content of your website is unique, engaging, exciting and different from what others are offering.

This is how Google wants you to build your site. Google wants that you create your website around interesting, unique, and engaging content that is different from what others are offering.

If someone finds the content of your website to be phenomenal, that too naturally, then he or she will automatically link it to let other visitors know about the unique and engaging content that you are producing.

If your content is not right or if your competitor has better content than what you are offering, then there will be no reason for anyone to link to your website as they will link to other sites only.

If you are a new player with fantastic content in your bucket, then you need to make sure that you market your content correctly so that it reaches out to the maximum audience.

If you can’t do this, then forget that you will get any visitors because people won’t be able to find your content. Thus have some people on board who will naturally link your website if they saw your content to be outstanding.

Exchange of Links

If you want to link to some website, then you have to promise in return that you will also link to their site. This is probably the best mutually agreed formula to improve the rankings of each other’s websites.

However this thing is not promoted anymore and is given less weight by Google because giving favors back is not a beautiful thing, there is no natural linking involved in it. Google has not disregarded the use of exchange links; it has reduced the value that it used to give earlier.
Thus if you are doing exchange links, make sure that the other party has unique and engaging content so that there is value in it and also that there is a connection made in between the linking as well. Only then it will work; otherwise, there is no use of exchange link.

Publish Content on their Website

Everyone has heard of guest articles or guest blogs, and this is the thing that can get you linking done. If you have good quality content on your website, some non-competing webpage can approach you to republish the content on their site which will provide you exposure to a new audience, and you will get the linking in return as well.

This is a common practice in the industry with different publishing houses, magazines, and newspapers publishing content of each other and giving them the exposure that they may require right now.

The content posted will also show credits or source as your website link so that you get all the credit for the work that you have done rather than anyone else.

Financial Incentives

Everyone loves to get financial incentives and so do business websites as well. If you give any financial incentives to sites than the response rate for linking will increase rapidly.

However, you need to make sure that if you are paying, then you should get high-quality links in return and no low-quality links will work for you at all.

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Because getting low-quality links will give you no added advantage and will further hamper the performance of your website.

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