How to be Alerted When a Website Changes

Creating only a website is not enough, for your business, but creating the right website for business is necessary. A website is an essential part of an online business, it must be up to date and contains all the advanced features that make it perfect. Thus, making suitable to keep it up to date and to maintain a website is necessary.

On the other hand, keeping a check on your site and monitor it perfectly is such a big deal as it requires a real-time effort. At the same time, it is not possible to manually monitor changes on your website. It is difficult to know who visits your website or who breaks the system of your website. Thus, to be alerted whenever a website experiences any change. You need to install and set up tools that will help you get notified and monitor your website as well as when any change is made on your website.

How to be Alerted When a Website Changes

For this purpose, the best and easy to access web tool that helps you perfectly in this respect is it will help you keep a proper track on your website. As well as let, you know what changes your website is experiencing or going through.

The amazing features of effectively help you monitor your website and keep a check on everything. It enables a website user to monitor the condition of the website. Besides this, it provides an opportunity to “select items visually to track”. You can select and customize a webpage you want to monitor.

Another important feature of this tool is the “watchlist” that allows you to manage all your monitors from one place. You can also get updates and keep a check on history. Hence, is one of the amazing web tools to monitor your website and to get alert when a site experiences any change. It also offers several other features such as

  • Cross platforms
  • Import and Export data files
  • View and edit monitor configs
  • Track changes
  • Manage Version History

Hence, it is the best tool for monitoring a website. Besides, this here is a simple method to set up to monitor your website.

How to Set up and Run

The entire process is so simple and depends on a few easy steps.

First, download chrome extension of As it is one of the important and essential steps of the whole procedure. The next step is to set up the tracking of the relevant webpage. For this, visit the website and set the tracker on the page. By doing this you can track the specific web page or specific part of the website.

In such two simple steps, you can set up and run for monitoring and tracking your website. However, if you still cannot find a proper way to install it you can watch videos that will make the relevant process much easier.

Once, it is installed and set up to run properly it will perfectly help your website. Making use of such tools is a great help for getting notified or alert whenever your site experiences any change. Thus, using such tools is necessary especially when you are running a business website because it will give you detailed information about every change or anything else your site goes through. Thus, it is more beneficial for a site owner to use such tools instead of monitoring manually.

Few other Web Monitoring Tools to get Alerted whenever a Website Changes 

Other than that, there are several other tools that will also help in this respect. Some of the other prominent tools are

  • Change Tower
  • Wachete
  • Versionista
  • OnWebChnage

All of these are effective web monitoring tools that will notify you instantly whenever your site experiences any change. Each tool has its own specifications and serves in a unique way. Thus, making use of any of them will help a website owner to get alert when any change is made on a website.

Moreover, the best part is like majority of the web monitoring tools are free of cost. It does not really cost you anything to install and run such tool to make them useful for your website. Thus, making use of any one of them is highly beneficial for your site as well as it will make the whole process of monitoring a website a lot easier for you.


The article provided detailed information about some of the tools that will help a website owner to monitor any change on a website. Whether this change is relevant to the traffic or for any other purpose, such as someone breaking the system or whatever. By making use of such tools it will be a lot easier for you to maintain your website or to get notified or alerted when this change takes place.



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