How To Use Competitor Analysis For Your Content Ideation

If you are using competitor research and want to know the content ideation technique, then this article is for you. 

It can majorly help you know the content themes as well as formats that tend to work very well in your niche or industry as well as help you discover the influential sites that tend to share and link to the suitable content. 

If you could analyze the data, this will not only allow you to make the more informed decisions but also help your content or create the content in such a way that can provide you with a perfect hit list of effective outreach of targets. 

Here, in this article, we are about to discuss how to use competitor research or competitor analysis to uncover your competitors’ top performing content and at the same time inform your content ideation. 

Try to Identify Your Competition

Identify your competition.

You likely to have two different types of competitors, one is traditional, and another is competitors who are in the search results.

Your competitors are the one who offer the same types of products and/or services in close proximity to your business online or, who target the same segments as you do. On the other hand, competitors who are competing against the closeness to your business or targeting the same types of products and or services.

Sometimes, there is an overlap, and it can be simple to overlook organizations that rank well in organic search, even whether you did not consider them a rival. You may want or need to know why they rank very well, particularly whether they occupy the places above you.

So, prior to focusing on your heavy existing competitor or to make a note of which is the best of best websites that rank above your website related to the same products and services. You can either do it with the help of a competitor analysis tool.

The Goal of Your Analysis


You should know that you would need to uncover from your research or competitor analysis. Some of them are as follow:

  • Which pieces or the parts of the content are being shared, and the majority of you need for your niche or industry?
  • Which topics and or themes are trending in your present niche or industry?
  • What kind of content pieces are getting more and more popularity that are getting your competitors links?
  • Who normally follow your competitors and tend to share their content?
  • What kind of content are the big brands in your current niche or industry in terms of content writing and analysis?

If you want to know all about competitors’ analysis for your content ideation, let us continue reading these objectives. Hope they will help you understand what you are looking for.

Analyze their most shared Content

shared content

You should analyze your competitors’ most shared content. You need to review a number of competitors’ most shared and liked content that would give you a detailed idea the type of content they are sharing or targeting to their audiences.

You can use a competitors’ analysis software to enter the domain names of your competitors and view the detail to clarify the statistics on their most shared content.

Get started with BuzzSumo.

At the basic level you will certainly end up with the table contain the number of social shares or other likes that help you know which is good content whether yours or theirs.

This type of information is beyond doubt valuable, but it is one of the most essential that help you not only focus too much on your competitors but also help you gather the data from multiple rivals.

Instead of collecting or gathering data from different competitors, you can also look the trends they are targeting.

Choose the Trending Topics in Your Niche or Industry

If you want to find the trends, which are better to target, you need to understand the trends as well.

To find the trends, you can try to answer the below-mentioned questions. These questions and answers not only help you understand the trends you are about to chose, but also help you know which one and where to follow, where the piece of content you are targeting to share for your end number of audiences. Let us see the points.

Want to generate a lot of shares? If yes, then you are in the right way. Whether a topic such as MOBILE SEO generates the traction for your competition, then it may be a good idea to write some content that is focused around the topic.

You can do some formats like videos or audios that you will see on a regular basis on each day post. As you have seen probably that videos and audios or audio-video are some of the content that gets more likes than textual content.

You can share your content through Pinterest or Instagram to get more shares and views. But, one thing you should bear in mind, you should not replicate your competitors’ content, just you can take a test and make your own, unique and exciting.

Identify Your Competitors’ Best Back Links

competitor's backlinks

You should know the competitors’ best quality list of backlinks. If you get links from high authority websites, you will get to know how your site improve its visibility in Google’s search results. Therefore, it is essential to research which content is or are earning the links for your competitors.

It is to be noted that the content that generates end number of social media shares, as well as engagement, tends to attract more links and more visitors for a continuous basis.


Last, but certainly not the least, researching or analyzing your competitors’ websites is one of the most essential parts of the content ideation process.

In the time you know what is working for your competition or you will be able to make the decision, what will you do for your future competitor’s analysis. Thus, brainstorm your content ideas for better content ideation.

This post was written by Sunny Chawla of AIS Technolabs – a Web design and Development Company helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business.

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