Under Construction Page Plugin For WordPress Review

Many times we have to face difficulties and issues just because some pages of our website crashes or need improvement, meanwhile, the users cannot stop using the site, and they have to face the poor quality of the site.

It is a long process to update the page, link it and provide better landing speed Meanwhile the users cannot wait too much which damages the trust and image of your website.

Therefore the solution to your problem is found, and the Under Construction Page Plugin is launched.

This simple, easy and fast plugin will help you to display the under construction or coming soon pages without a hassle meanwhile you can repair it.

Under Construction Page Plugin For WordPress Review

Under Construction Page Plugin For WordPress Review

Once the users see the under construction page, they can move to the next page and get a clear message without wasting their time.

Under Construction, page Plugin provides a variety of pages which can be created according to your need such as Under Construction Page, Maintenance Mode Page or Landing pages too.

Here are few examples:

 And much, much more. Check out more designs from here.

These pages can be installed in less than a minute and truly save your time as well as very efficient especially when you are in trouble repairing and maintaining it.

Don’t play with your website reputation

In the era of digital technology and empowered social media, the worst a user can get is a broken site, and as soon as they encounter one, it can affect your rating and users can post reviews online as well as word of mouth can circulate more than any other news.

Therefore it is essential to keep your site up to date as well as provide a user-friendly website which also includes informing your users about your sites under construction process.

The Under construction plugin will also help the users to land on the other pages or just show them the coming soon, Website under construction and maintenance pages on display which can save the users from frustration as well as allow them to trust you again.

Under Construction Text

The users once see such pages and messages can also get excited about the new content and features on your site which will improve your rating, and their reviews will become positive.

Features of Under Construction Page Plugin

There are some advanced and useful features of the Under Construction Page Plugin which can be very helpful and can save your time too. These features are mentioned below:

Turn On and Off with your choice

You can turn on/ off the under construction mode whenever you want. Set an automatic date and time to end the under construction mode which will disable that mode on your chosen date and time

Supports Google Analytics

This plugin also helps you monitor your site even on the under construction mode as it supports the Google Analytic and tracks activities on under construction mode.

Themes, colors, and ideas

Add Theme to your under construction pages, there more than 25+ themes available in this plugin.

There are lots of creative designs available which are not only engaging but convey your message in a better way too.

It is more fun as it has many designs, colors, and creative ideas to show the maintenance and construction pages of your website apart from the flat display of black and white.


This plugin also supports SEO so that you can choose the page title, description headings, and content according to it. This plugin allows you to control the SEO even when you are under construction and still maintain your rankings.

Social media Support

It also supports the Social Media links and icons for the convenient use; the plugin keeps updating them as well. Some of the social media platforms are mentioned below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Pinterest
  • Dribbble
  • Behance
  • Instagram
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Tumblr

Email Support

Under Construction Page Plugin lets their users ask them any queries they may have by reaching out to them through email.

Active Users

This plugin has more than more than 100K active users and will have even more soon. Also, this plugin has grown on the speed of 10K users per month.

New Designs

It provides new designs to select from 2 times a month so you can have new display every time you go under construction. It has already many to choose from.

Keep it simple

This plugin is straightforward, fast as well as easy for the beginners. All it takes is few minutes to install, and you can publish under construction or maintenance page of your liking within a minute. Since they have kept it simple, it is more easy and fun to use.

Reviews and Ratings

Not only have all this, but this plugin has received over 500+ reviews of 5 stars. One of the most satisfying plugins available on the internet.

Less Manual Effort

Under construction page plugin is supporting more and more caches each day which reduces the manual efforts.


The most amazing thing about this plugin is its free of cost and pro version is coming soon.

No bugs

It has an excellent working reputation as only few bug reports are summated till now, adding there is not a single bug report in a month.

User Support

This plugin also offers a Support care on which you can register your issues, bugs, problems, and ideas if any, and their team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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