The Future Of Web Design – What Will Be It Like In 20 Years

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Everything in the world is moving quickly in the 21st Century. The concept of computing has taken things out of imagination. If you have read science fiction writings of the 20th century, you will understand that most of those facts have come out in real.

Some visionaries have created history and raised the bar of expectation to a new height. One of the most valuable inventions after the computer is the internet.

Of course, you are using it right now while you are reading my article. Rather than just connecting people from every corner of the world, the internet is contributing in spreading knowledge really fast. The major ingredient of this worldwide virtual phenomena is the website.

The Future Of Web Design – What Will Be It Like In 20 Years

The Future Of Web Design – What Will Be It Like In 20 Years

Computer, Internet, and Website: three essential things to make the life easier

The computer was created for computing large amount of values in a fraction of a second. This was the main concept of the computer in the ’60s.

Soon after, visionaries like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and IBM started to create machines for supporting people in every sphere of life. The terminology of “Personal Computing” removed the fear of using a complex machine.

Many programmers gathered around to manipulate the default system and to create new ones. In the meantime, MIT Media Wing was developing an internal communicating system. A project named “ARPANET” was introduced at first.

Then, NASA wanted a local area connection in their offices. These were the primitive measures of inventing today’s INTERNET. In the year 1991, it got the present look.

The popularity of internet increased very fast. People could not resist the opportunity of sharing and collecting various types of data from a vast source.

A platform was greatly needed for storing these data!

The idea of creating a website

The idea of creating a website came from this thought of storing data in a single page or place. There, any person can go and search for the required information. JAVA and HTML were two primarily used web designing language. When the 21st Century began, personal computing became familiar in every country, and peoples knew about the internet.

The advancement of technology and website start to run along. People wanted more and more. This is when sites like Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft designed their search engines.

Now, only dynamic and regularly updated as well as informative websites could be found in their search engines.

Numerous people started to join the sector of web designing. A new design sector in technology was opened.


In short, computer, the internet, and web-designing are interrelated. So, you cannot deny the idea of predicting where computing and the internet will reach in the next 20 years. This question will answer the future of web designing.

Let’s start with the future of computing.

What can be the most possible advancement of the computer in the next 20 years?

Honestly speaking, this is really hard to say. However, we can imagine something possible outcome.

The recent development of personal computer shows a light of a bright future.

Along with the large size computers, we cannot neglect the advancement of smart gadgets. They are equally important as computers. The idea of wearable computer has become old now. You can do a lot of tasks with Google Glass and iWatch.

These gadgets have more powerful processors than the old computers.

Can we have a supercomputer in our home in the next 20 years?

Well, it may happen with the newly invented carbine technology. NANO has gifted us with a high-performance processor. This is not far when a server will fit inside a box. If the present speed of development remains, that will be real in less than two decades.

Here are some necessary facts you must know about future computing.

Quantum Computing

A new era is going to be opened through the introduction of quantum computing. Most of the high-end companies are trying to bring it as soon as possible. This is more powerful than anything else. It will be able to process trillions of data in a second.

Quantum computing will be the face of the new generation computer. Also, the user can create a bunch of data and information streak in a second. The phase needs more security.

The present situation about quantum computing can be compared to the former situation of personal computing. In the ’80s, people thought computers are like ROBOCOP. Sci-fi movies created such fear and scared people unnecessarily.

Quantum computing needs a high power generating system. This is why CERN is developing an atomic power supply.


From the very beginning of the computer revolution, making it portable was greatly induced.

Nowadays, we use laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones. We can experience a different genre of computing with amazing mobility.

Have you ever seen Iron Man? Similar to the computer of that Marvel character, something aerobic may be introduced.

Rather than using a keyboard and mouse, we can complete tasks with waving hands, fingers as well as movements. You might be able to control every device with some gestures.

Operating System

Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant have shown the world the immense possibility of an AI in OS. So, the next generation computing should have the humanlike appearance of a personal computer without any internet connection.

Now Imagine

Imagine that you are using a computer in 2037. You wave a special gesture and a virtual screen appears in front of you.

Now, you speak out the password; the computer will get opened by recognizing your voice.

Command for open an application. And, work as much as you want.

Whenever you need to use a keyboard, place a small device on the table and keyboard will be appeared.

Move the cursor with your iris.

Does these thoughts sound familiar?

Perhaps you are thinking, “Yes! I have seen a screen like described here in Smart Glasses. And, I am also working with voice command on my iPhone. Iris scanning is the new craze. So, what on earth is the new technology?”

Here you go! After 20 years, computing will give you an elaborate experience with the presently developed small gadgets. These will get a full form, and most expectedly this is the computer we are going to experience in the next two decades!

Have you ever imagined where the Internet will go in the next 20 years?

Once the internet was bound to an office or room. After realizing the unlimited opportunity, technology has gifted us wired internet connection. As a result, we are now enjoying wireless internet.

But this is not available everywhere. This is a combined system. You need to connect a router to a wired network to access the wireless connection.

Some scientists in Singapore have announced a powerful networking system and more updated than Wi-Fi. It is called Li-Fi. They have named it as it will transfer data with a speed of light.

Recent initiatives of Facebook and Google reflects a free internet connection for every corner of the world. We use data pack on our phones. But it has a limited speed. Let’s expect a broadband speed in our phone. It may come true through the Li-Fi technology. Don’t you think it will be cool enough?

South Korea has already introduced us to the 5G network. Rather than using LTE or another 4G network, we can avail that powerful internet connection. To get connected with the rest of the world, we will not need any large device. Just click and connect with a powerful networking system.

Final Question: How Will a Website Look?

Websites will be more upgraded as well as dynamic. Designers have to put every bit of their intelligence in order to make this happen.

Web designing will get the pace. This topic needs an elaborate discussion. It is strongly related to the visions of web designers. From some internet surveys, I found some points.

Nowadays, website designing has several sectors. Responsive, material, card and single page banner design are included in here. In the next 20 years, a plenty of other features are going to be added.

There are seven features which will change the look of any website.

To compete with the world, designers have to get out of their traditional code-writing context. Do you remember what happened when people were introduced with CSS? Some users could not adapt all of a sudden with cascading. Now, we are viewing HTML5. Can we expect a way better Hypertext language? Hopefully.

A Scroll-free Experience

This one is my favorite. Who likes to click and drag downward for reading the rest of the article? None! In the future, more likely we will see websites without the scrollbar. As devices will be smarter, websites will also be phenomenal. They will be able to read the eye gesture and scroll automatically.

If you are a big fan of Matrix movie, something similar will happen with the brain-to-computer system. A chip attached to the head can read the brain frequencies. It will take you to the expected website. The coolest part is moving cursors or zooming in-out without any mouse click or keyboard navigation.


Can’t we think of a future website with less complexity? This is true. In the near future, more likely websites will be simplified. Most of the internet elements will be graphically presentable. Watch and learn.

These are quite similar to the recent online tutorials. There will be less textual elements. The websites will adapt your preferences at a glance.

It will judge either you are looking for a graphical or a textual document. The later process will be fast enough to transfer your required information.

Display Quality

The pixel will not be enough in the near future. How can you set up the display quality in a tiny but powerful screen? So, “DPI” will be a standard measurement only for pictures, not for websites.

Depending on the surrounding environment, the website will get adapted to the user’s eye condition. Brightness will be higher and less accordingly. Wait, what? This technology is already available in the smart devices. So, the future is near!

Fonts will be clear and customizable. Designers have to include the option of customizing font styles for the internet surfers.


Have you forgotten about the sponsors? No. Advertisements will be less irritating. Perhaps a banner will appear for a very short time. Popup ads will not be mandatory.

There are few ways to advertise on a website.

Designers will invest every bit of their designing talent in combining the sponsor’s name and the web elements.

Less Scam Sites

In these days, the number of scam site is excessively high. After twenty years, there will be fewer scam domains. People will get in touch with real and informative sites. Google is working really hard in order to publish authentic results on their page.The same will happen to every other site.

Emailing will be easier than Social Networking

Email has become a formal thing in today’s tech-life. Soon, it will take the place of social networking and chat. People will feel more convenient in emailing than chatting on mobile apps.

Direct email service in every site can become an inseparable part of websites.

And…there are more, more and more!

Who could expect an octa-core device in pocket ten years ago? A few people and some science fiction writers. So, we cannot exactly predict the future of website designing sitting in this period.

Let’s hope more to ease the hardship of users. New designers will be born, and present designers will acquire new skills.

Then, the actual revolution will begin!

Let me know what you could predict about the future of web design in the comment section below.


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