How To Survive In Your Industry (Even Though If It’s Competitive)

Entering in an industry is quite easy than surviving there.

Well, competition is the most fundamental challenge that you must face in any industry.

The difference between a gainer and a loser is pretty simple: all you need to know how to survive, though the competition is fierce.

How To Survive In Your Industry (Even Though If It's Competitive) - BloggingMotive

How To Survive In Your Industry (Even Though If It’s Competitive)

The 4 Incredible Tips You Must Know to Survive and Compete In Your Industry (★ Also A Bonus!)

In this blog post, we are going to share some of the important ways on surviving in a competitive market in the respected industry.

First, we will discuss the problems that you may face. Then, from our expert industrial partners, we will look forward to finding a proper solution to end the stress of competition.

Let’s start then!

1. Strategy: Turn Yourself into a Controller: 

Don’t make yourself cheap or easy-to-access! You must have a plan on how to cope with the upcoming competition. Before you grab a strategy, find out the errors. The actual reason for quitting from a competitive industry is not learning from mistakes.

For instance, if you are in the technology business, you should have adequate knowledge on marketing a gadget in the market.

The similar scenario happens with Apple and Samsung. Both of them are the leading tycoon in the smartphone industry. The success of their selling mostly depends on what strategy they take in campaigning.

You can follow several tips for having a strategy: 

  • Be unique: Don’t follow your opposite. If you start to imitate any of their strategies, surviving will become tangled.
  • Get a full guideline from the expert panel: Strategy or planning is everything to stay forward in any industry.
  • Make a good relationship with allies: This will help you in exchanging ideas and spreading your business.

A businessperson must be intuitive. Use your common sense in planning for the next campaign. Avoid any copying or second-hand strategy. Rely on the experience and intuition. You will become the controller of your industry!

2. Brand Recognition: Let People Know:

An industry survives on the quality of the products. So, you should be careful on marketing your product with a proper brand recognition.

For beginners, it becomes hard to spread the name. But, making people heard of anything is not very difficult in this generation.

We are living in a global village. If you want to spread, people will help you. Many successful businesspeople have prescribed some techniques for defining your brand:

  • Social Networks: The first way to promote your brand is using the emerging power of social networking site. More than 1 billion people are connected through this media. Just make your brand viral. Open a page or discussion. The subscriber will spread it if they find it interesting. The only thing matters is a good quality post or content regarding your product or industry.
  • Campaign: At first, sort out your product type. It helps in approaching with an appropriate plan. The campaigning may include both virtual and the real world. To create a craze or trend, your product should be better than the competition.Your competition should not trace your future strategy. Surprise them with a new and better quality content. Let the world define your industry.

3. Compete:

Yep! Don’t be afraid of losing your place. If you have something special, your competition will not able to win against your tactics.

But you should not retreat from this marketing battlefield. There are several ways to maintain a healthy competition. It helps in improving overall quality, content and feedback.

Here is a short list which will assist you with surviving and developing during a tough time.

  • Pricing: A healthy industrial competition allows you in creating a good price. More sales with lower price can bring you more profit from the race. Don’t hesitate on offering discounts to your customers.
  • Quality Maintenance: This competition will play an incentive for improving the quality of your brand. If the consumers find it better, you don’t need to worry more about surviving. The customers will promote your business.
  • Servicing: Don’t just stick to sales! Provide a better service. Because customers love to improve things more than buying. Also, it will help your company to be recognized by the consumers.

When the customers get a comparatively better service, price, and quality from your side, they will not go to buy from your opposite in the industry. Surviving will be much easier and more convenient.

4. Database: Know Your Customers:

Your customer profile is the only thing that helps you in building a long-term relationship. Create it with elaborate remarks. Also, connect them via social networks. Let them allow to provide honest feedback.

Remember that a good feedback for your brand will help in bringing more customers in the chain.

Here are some guidelines on making a well-designed customer database:

  • Product Preferences: Your customer will provide the most needed specifications and requirement. Use them to supply in the future. Make a list of your competition’s product or brand. See what they are providing to their customers. This helps in making a better-specified product for your brand.
  • Feedback: Don’t just call the right customers. You should remember the customers who have criticized or provided negative feedback. Concentrate on that matter and allow them to share their opinion. Let them be a part of your campaign. The involvement will help you in surviving in the market.
  • Regularity: Remember your customers. If you notice any diversion on their purchase, ask them to share the dis-satisfactory fact about your brand. Avoid any misconception between you and the consumers.

A database gives you a full overview of the customer relationship. In a business or industry, more customer means more revenue. When you are able to satisfy your customers, the rest is just a matter of time.

Bonus Tips!

Surprise your customers! Create contests, make quizzes and offer discounted price. After you bring a good product to the market, let them know everything about it. Use user-friendly services. The customers will not let you down!


These techniques are the surviving Mantras. Adopt them and become the king of your industry. Don’t underestimate your competition. Rather, enjoy it! The business will be your passion.

Which of these tips you liked the most? Do you have some other suggestion as well? Feel free to let me know by commenting below.

Have a good business!


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