16 Killer Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence Quickly

Believe it or not . . . It does not matter in which startup you are in; you want to make sure that you are growing your audiences on Social media profiles too from the day #1 of the launching of your company to the passage of time.

The more peoples your business can reach on social media either through advertising or organically, the better your launch and on-going sales will be.

Here are the sixteen tips you can leverage to amplify your social media presence on these top four social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn

Let’s dive in.

16 Killer Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence Quickly

16 Killer Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence Quickly

1. Create strong social profiles and pages.

The very first step you have to take is to get started with the strong profile and page for your social accounts. And to make your account’s profile strong, you need to have branded cover photo.

It is also essential to fill all of the required fields, i.e. bio, website, phone number, etc.

On Facebook, you will have to insert a short and attractive description with your site link, company address, phone number, etc.

On Twitter, it is as simple as just filling 160-characters bio, website link, and location.

In a nutshell: try to fill as many information a social media is asking from you (your profile/page) as you can. It doesn’t only help you make your profile or page thoroughly completed, but it provides your audience all the information, that is what your business is all about, or your profile is all about, etc.

2. Share high-quality content.

Even before planning to launch your business and finally put it on the market, it is always a good idea to start building your audience on small networks by sharing valuable and niche-relevant content that you targeted audiences will be enjoying.

For instance, if you have a startup for a Facebook marketing app, start by sharing materials about Facebook. And that content could be blog content, videos, podcast, infographics, slide shares, etc., created by you or others.

3. Use friend-finding features.

Many social media sites have a way that let you connect with the people you know.

Twitter allows you to search email contacts.

Facebook allows you to search email contacts and leverage an advanced people search.

Linkedin allows you to search your email contacts.

Instagram guides you to your Facebook friends to connect with you on Instagram in its app.

In this way, you are being exposed by your colleagues, and they will be more likely to follow you on other social media profiles as well.

4. Add links to your top social media accounts on your website.

You can easily do this. All you’ll need to do is adding few icons of your top social media accounts to your website’s header, sidebar, and footer. You can also insert these buttons on your Thank you page too, which is one of your most high converting pages of your website.

You can too find the official brand badges, assets, widgets, etc. on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram. You can also look into social network icons on stock images blogs like DepositPhotos.

5. Add links to your top social accounts to your email signatures.

How many emails do you send per day? I am guessing too much. Be sure that everyone you communicate with through the emails assumes that your startup exists. You can do it by adding links to your top social media accounts.

You can do this simply by adding small square social media icons at the bottom of your email. You can also use services like WiseStamp to design professional signatures along with your social links.

6. Cross-promote your social accounts.

Already have massive followers on any of your social media accounts? If so, don’t forget to leverage it. Twitter, for example, if you have thirty thousand followers there and want those followers to join you on Linkedin, just shoot a tweet from your Twitter account begging those followers to join you on Linkedin as well.

You can also use the power of bio section of each of your social media accounts. For example, you can link to your Linkedin account from your Twitter profile, which is grabbing the attention of your followers to connect with your on Linkedin.

You can use WooBox which is a Facebook app maker that lets you add tabs to your Facebook page for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. for free.

Now, here are tips specific to Twitter:

7. Follow your target Twitter audience and engage with them.

Twitter lets you follow five thousand peoples. You can follow more peoples once people started following you too. When you follow people on a person on Twitter, they get a notification that they’re being followed by you.

You can use search.twitter.com to find your targeted audience by searching for one of the relevant hashtags or queries. Twitter will then analyze that particular phrase or hashtag in people’s bio, tweets, etc. before giving you best possible results. When you see a tweet from someone you think can be your targeted audience, like their tweet, re-tweet it, reply to their tweet to engage with them in a natural way, and they’ll be more likely to follow you back.

8. Use Twitter advertising.

If your startup is on a massive budget, be sure to try Twitter Advertisement as well. Twitter delivers your tweet to the most relevant peoples related to your tweet, which encourages them to follow you.

9. Use your Facebook page to ‘like’ other pages.

Facebook allows you to like other Facebook pages as your public page. You can use this opportunity that can give you massive benefits sooner or lately. To leverage this opportunity, all you need to do is find pages where you customers are engaging and start communication with them as your page. This will increase the chances of you, your page to get more likes.

10. Open your profile up to Facebook followers.

Facebook has a setting which allows other Facebook users around the globe to follow you. After it, any public updates you’ll be sharing through your Facebook account will be reached to your follower in the news feed without having to accept their friend request. In this way, you’ll be able to promote your business to your Facebook followers while keeping your private things private.

11. Participate in Facebook groups.

One of the best ways to use your personal Facebook profile is to engage in Facebook groups related to your niche. You can find such groups by searching for relevant words to your niche and head on over to group section of Facebook’s result, and you’ll end up getting so many related groups. Simply join them and start engaging that group’s members.

Now, here are tips specific to Instagram:

12. Follow others on Instagram.

Just like Twitter, you can too follow peoples on Instagram, and once you’re done with this process, that person will be notified that they have been followed by you.

You can boost the power of this practice by following the right peoples – your targeted audiences, by searching for relevant hashtags they might use when they post something on Instagram. Just follow such people there and engage with them by commenting on their posts, i.e. Photos and videos.

13. Use hashtags on Instagram while posting

What if you could get exposure to your images and videos on Instagram without having too much follower? You’d pumped up, right?

Believe it or not, the best way to get more eyeballs on your contents at Instagram is to use relevant hashtags to your posts.

Hashtags are leveraged by tons of Instagram users to find visual content on the particular topic. So take advantage of it.

Now, here are tips specific to LinkedIn:

Sometimes it can be difficult to make people connect with you on LinkedIn, as their goal is to have peoples on LinkedIn only if they’re well known and influence on any subject, nonetheless Linkedin is useful for B2B connections:

14. Participate in LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn Groups could be the bedrock of your expectation that is of making people connect with you more frequently. LinkedIn groups are useful if you want to engage with other members, you actually should. Keep posting valuable stuff on various LinkedIn groups to get more eyeballs on your profile and make people connect with you

15. Comment on LinkedIn’s blog posts.

LinkedIn allows members to post and engage in LinkedIn groups, and some of those members have tons of connections, just connect with them and engage with them, follow their latest posts and engage with your targeted audience in the comment of those LinkedIn group’s posts.

16. LinkedIn Pulse Articles.

Publishing article from your LinkedIn profile is one of the best strategies you could leverage to grow your LinkedIn connections. And the best part of writing is that when you publish an article on LinkedIn, it gets indexed in Search Engines.

In a nutshell: you’re getting traffic to your piece of material, and thus more and more folks will likely to connect with you, as you’re becoming an influencer on your niche in writing articles on LinkedIn. The key here is to be more specific on your topic and write for your targeted audience only.

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