Series Of Blog Posts Vs. Long Blog Post: Your Decision Will Make You A Successful Blogger!

Blogging is a passion, and many peoples are choosing it as a profession. The more you can attract people with your post, the number of audiences will be increased. Later on, there will be a chance of making money from them by promoting products to the audiences.

However, there are several essential things while writing a blog post!

You may find a lot of series bloggers who post several articles on their site regarding the same topic, while some bloggers try to cover all the stuff on a particular topic in one blog post.

However, the question is: Which one is ideal?

Today, we are going to compare between series of blog posts vs. one long blog post. After reading the comparison, you can choose your option. Let’s start it then!

Series vs. Long Blog Post: Your Decision will Make You A Successful Blogger!

Series vs. Long Blog Post: Your Decision will Make You A Successful Blogger!

1. Topic Selection

Brainstorm on the topic - Bloggingmotive

Brainstorm on the topic!

Initially, you should get started by selecting the right blog post’s topic that might be a great fit to your blog’s niche. Then you need to decide whether to go with a long post or write several articles on it.

In general, a blog post that is of more than, or sharply equal to 2,000 words considered as a short blog post. More than 2,000 words’ blog post preferred as a long one, long blog post.

When you select the topic, ask yourself how people will get information from it.

For instance, if you are going for a D-I-Y project, a single article with more than 2000 words is just fine — less than that is even better.

Why? Because your readers do not like to wait for the next stage longer!

If you want to discuss on the “Windows Problems,” it will be better to write a series of articles.

Before start writing a blog post for your blog, you must create a whole plan. Don’t go for longer posts until it is necessary. People will share your post only when they find it fulfilled and properly completed.

For series blog posts, the topic selection is not that easy. You have to search a lot for writing in the same niche.

On the other hand, you need to research once for a single and long post. There is no reason to keep researching again and again for writing on the same topic in your next blog posts!

Again, if you do not have a decent consistency in blogging, don’t go for the series blog post. The readers will be annoyed soon after you start to discontinue. Sometimes, it is possible to lose the continuation of the topic.

2. Which type of blog post gets more comment?

Which type of blog post gets more comment? -- Bloggingmotive

Which type of blog post gets more comment?

I have been told by one of the experienced bloggers that the series posts get more comments than the long one. It is due to the short nature.

Often, the readers cannot complete a long blog post due to lack of time or concentration. If the post is not properly organized, they do not take interest in scrolling downward and so leaving a comment.

For a series of blog posts, your readers will complete reading it in a very short time. They can discuss the matter and leave comments quickly. There is no need to scroll down a lot for leaving or completing the post. So, it gets more public opinion.

There is still a chance of getting comments for a longer post. However, you need to practice a lot to make it happen. We have some suggestion regarding the trick of getting more comments from a long blog post.

Do you want to hear that? Here they are!

  • Start with a question and let your reader find the question from the post. Do not bring random fact during the article. This practice might annoy your blog’s readers. This annoying expression can create a negative impression, and the readers may leave the page without leaving a comment for you. So, make your readers interested throughout the post. Make the first line of each of your post’s paragraphs interested, so they are forced to read the second line, then the third line, and so forth.
  • The second suggestion is not to mention about commenting at all. Just end a discussion like this, “What would you do in such situation?” rather than “don’t forget to leave us a comment if you liked this article.” More than 70 percent of the readers will drop their thoughts in the comment section.

A long blog post can be made attractive too. All you need is enthusiasm and a presence of common sense.

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3. Which type of blog post gets more social shares?

While comparing series blog post and long blog post, the opportunity of sharing is also countable. As a blogger, you have to judge the success of a blog post by the amount of sharing or people’s response.

Series blog post is often shared more than a long blog post. It happens because the first reader may not read the whole long content. On the contrary, the series blog post comes in different dimensions. The audiences find it better and continue sharing with the other readers.

Sometimes, the different scenario can take place too!

It depends upon the mapping of a long content. It does not matter if the content is more than of 2000 words or not, all it matters is the quality. When you can provide a long but worthy content, the reader will surely share the post. However, you have to focus on the blog post more than the word count.

There are a lot of blogging sites who publish long and worthy posts. Their contents are comparatively better than the other series blog posts.

4. Social Networking Site’s Impression

The success of a blog post also depends on the acceptance of the matter among the ordinary people. Readers who are from social networking sites love to see some fine and focused article.

This is where the series of the blog post won. It can acquire more positive impression than a long post.

If you write a series of blog post on a regular basis, the chance of becoming famous on the social sites will be easier. A lengthy content will not give you such fame at that ease.

Also, people will be waiting for the next post. The more you can reach to people, the opportunity of promoting your blog will be higher. Frequent appearance on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be possible with series blog posts.

What Is Your Decision?

What do you say? -- Bloggingmotive

What do you say about it? Please let me know in the comment section!

Both the series and long blog post are advantageous. You need to find your particular style of writing. Don’t give up writing if you cannot attract a plenty of people with the series. Go for a long and explained post. Add images and make an infographic presentation. Also, if you think that the post is way too long for a single post, create a series and continue writing. Success will be yours. Keep Blogging.

Did you find this blog post helpful? Do you have some suggestion if we should write a series of blog posts or a simply a long one? Please let us know by commenting below. 


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