How To Repurpose Your Blog Content Like A Machine – Beginner’s Guide

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Do you want to get the answer of this question? Do you want to learn how to repurpose your blog contents like a machine? 

Repurposing your blog content in a right way let you get more eyeballs on your blog content. Be it, blog post, infographic, etc.

In this article, you’ll learn how to repurpose your blog content to get more eyeballs on your hard-crafted blog content.

How To repurpose your blog content like a machine. BloggingMotive

How To repurpose your blog content like a machine.

Most of us are unaware of making multiple types of contents with a simple blog content.

A small word can change the whole scenario of your writings that is “Repurpose.”

Yes! It can spread your opinion, especially your blog posts in different formats. Every one of them represents the same theme in various formations.

And the best part: 

You don’t need to hire anyone for repurposing the blog content. All you require is a basic knowledge of computer and proper information about your publications. The rest is quite easy.

Repurpose A Content in 5 Different Format: Spread Your Blog Content Everywhere!

Today, we will discover some excellent techniques on re-purposing your blog content just like a machine.

Let’s start it!

What is Re-purposing?

The term itself represents the meaning. Making the same thing in different manners is known as re-purposing. It helps in publishing your materials on a lot of platforms without bothering Google for plagiarism.

But this is not an escaping route of making original content. Your content and opinion will not be changed; the appearance will be different for each platform. It depends on what you have to do for spreading the post all over the internet.

Repurposing a Blog Post: The Most Renowned Formations

A blog post represents the thinking, attitude, lifestyle and many more things about the blogger. It’s quite difficult for a creative writer to write several original articles on the same topic.

What can be an efficient solution then? Here are some: 

  1. Audio Format
  2. Infographic Format
  3. Cards, Hashtags and Troll
  4. Slides
  5. Come Live

Let me tell you more about ’em.

1. Audio Format:

This step includes some stages starting with developing an idea.

For instance, you are going to write on Fashion and Style. Make a diagram and start to think what you will write about it. Find the keynotes. With the magic of your brain and thinking, write an outstandingly unique blog content. Publish it on a blogging platform. Then, you need to repurpose it for some other platforms. The first one can be in audio form.

If your voice is not okay, don’t worry. Remember that people want to hear what you think, not your voice.

This is like a lively conversation with an invisible group of audiences.

Take your post in front of your eyes and start reading it from the beginning. You can just record it on your smartphone or tablet. Also, a microphone with the headphone is very helpful for clear sound recording. When you are finished, jump to the second stage. Publishing!

  • Create it as an episode of the Podcast: Upload the content, give a warmly welcome to the audiences and let them taste the new way of thinking.
  • On another platform, make a different and attractive title: Attach the file to impress your subscribers. They will find it as a bonus. And hey, Who doesn’t like the bonus? 
  • SoundCloud is one of the most top leading platforms for spreading your voice or music: Don’t let away this amazing popular platform. The repurposed content can get more hits here. Upload your recorded post and publish it on SoundCloud for the maximum audience acceptance.

2. Infographic Format

Revise your blog post once again. Now, check the diagram that you have created before writing the post. There, you will find the most important points. Highlight them.

An infographic material represents more information in a single image, chart or diagram. You can use an Illustrator or Photoshop software for creating an infographic format of your blog posts. Make them visual to your audiences. You can use cute shapes and cartoons for making it more attractive as well as loveable.

Share it anywhere you like. If you have a group or community of the blogging site, publish it. The infographics will drive a plenty of traffic to your site.

Also, there is an option of making it as a bonus post for the subscriber. You have the opportunity to attach it and send it to your respected audiences via email newsletter.

One thing you must remember while repurposing the blog content in an infographic format. Don’t make it too much difficult to understand. Use keywords and some quotes which are included in the post. You can reach to more readers easily.

3. Cards, Hashtags and Troll!

Trolling is the new craze in social networking sites. You can try it for repurposing the blog content. Sort out the most attractive parts of the posts. Pick up one or two lines and create a card or troll. Spread the content on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. People will love to see what you have written for them.

Spreading these cards will increase the traffic to your site amazingly. Using #tag is an excellent way to make a trend. Ask your subscribers to share the content using a unique tag.

The more popularity it will get from this kind of repurposing, the closer you can reach to people.

4. Slides

This is quite similar to the infographic materials. As a platform, is a modern form of publishing your posts. You need to find the points and images from online. Now, add them and create an easy-to-understand presentation. Post it on the site to grab the audiences.

5. Come Live

By following this tip, you can connect with your audiences more conveniently. All you need is a Facebook, Periscope, Blab or similar platform. Read out your post in front of the fans while streaming live.

The best outcome you will receive from coming live is people’s reaction to your post. Sometimes, readers do not leave a comment or reply under the post. But, live streaming is a more attractive option to leave comments. Again, people love to stay in Social Networking sites. They will be pleased to see you in living.

Weird, but an Extra tip of Repurposing your Blog Content is:

This will need more time for you. Sort out the blog contents. Now, put them in the same categories. For instance, create a folder of Fashion related posts. Make another folder on Food Habits. Gather them together and publish as an e-Book. You have a bright chance to earn some money through it too!


Repurposing will bring you more audiences. It will be easier for you to publish the content in every popular platform. Practice it and spread your thinking.

Which of these five repurposing tips you liked the most? Do you have some other unique strategies? What strategy(s) you are leveraging to repurpose your blog content?

If you’ve answer of any of these questions, please let me know by commenting down below.



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