25 Reasons Your Blog Visitors Don’t Read Your Blog Posts (And How To Fix Them)

Blogging is something that many people does it for passion as well as a profession. However, the reality is, Blogging could be one of your passive income streams (as long as you are taking it as a proper business.)

Many bloggers quit blogging in the middle of this fantastic business just because noticing small traffic in their blogs.

In fact, just because of this, I contributed an article to ShoutMeLoud to teach peoples how to stay inspired from blogging and avoid blogger’s burnout.

Have you asked yourself what the faults are?

There are some common reasons behind falling the number of visitors.

Today, we are here to help you in recognizing the mistakes you are making with the blogging that causes the falling of visitors. Also, we will discuss the solution along with the problem. Let’s start then!

25 reasons your visitors don’t read your blog posts and how to fix them.

25 reasons your visitors don’t read your blog posts and how to fix them.

Before we get started, let me describe you the top 25 reasons why your blog visitors do not read your blog posts in the form of a list. We will talk about each of them later in this article:

  1. Lengthy domain name of your blog
  2. Your lack of consistency
  3. Inappropriate design
  4. No whitespace, no neaders
  5. Poor blog post organizing
  6. Long paragraphs
  7. Use of unfriendly Font
  8. Your post isn’t attractive
  9. There is a lack of the customization of the post
  10. No list? No reader
  11. No Image? How Can the Reader Get Attracted?
  12. Lack of marketing
  13. No comments in the comment section? Involve yourself in the community
  14. Lack of socializing
  15. The post is not specific
  16. Are you creating boring contents?
  17. No experiment, no result.
  18. Blog post is not like an essay of your exam paper
  19. Language problem? Don’t expect readers then
  20. Repeating similar images
  21. Your title is less attractive
  22. Lack in sharing options
  23. No optimization, no unique readers
  24. More writing, less promoting
  25. No love for blogging? No fture in Blogging
  • Lengthy Domain Name of Your Blog

The first reason is related to the blog address. A long name is unprofessional and quite disturbing for the visitors. They do not want to read your posts again.


You need to choose a short, accurate and straightforward domain name for your blog. This will help to drive more traffic to the posts.

  • Your Lack of Consistency

Assume that you started a blog some weeks ago. At first, the posts were attractive, and you posted on a regular basis. Soon, you begin to lengthen the gap of posting, and the visitors are not getting any new post regularly. This will decrease their interest in reading your blog post anymore, and you will lose an enormous number of readers.


Create a plan on posting weekly or monthly. Always fulfill the target to maintain a decent amount of blog post. Your visitors are bound to read the posts.

  • Inappropriate Design

Ask yourself, is the design matches with the blog topics? For instance, a news blog should be designed in a serious manner. On the other hand, a fashion blog should have a pleasant and light design. If your visitors are not reading your blog, this can be one of the reasons that they are not finding it as seriously as they want.


Redesign it. Show the redesigned format to some experts and ask for their opinions.

  • No Whitespace, No Readers

Yes, that whitespace. The readers of your blog posts want to focus on the post. Your blog must have enough white space or unused portion. Don’t fill it with useless contents.


Clean the post and add some whitespace. It is not necessary to use white color. Often, Gray is an excellent choice for whitespace.

  • Poor Blog Post Organizing

The readers want to find your posts in categories. If you do not organize them properly with section headers, your visitors will not find them at ease. As a result, you will lose the chance to bind some readers to your blog site.


Adding a section header will work nicely, and you can stay organized. The readers will also get a chance to view the posts and read more quickly.

  • Long Paragraphs

Do you want to irritate your readers with long paragraphs? Of course not. Using long paragraph, again and again, may cause irritation or disturbance for the audience. It makes the post dull and monotonous.


In your post, use short and sharp paragraphs. Short paragraph shall contain 4-5 lines. It attracts a reader more than a long paragraph-contained post.

  • Use of Unfriendly Font

To make it different, a lot of bloggers use hard to read and unclear fonts for their blog posts. Again, the reader may find the post unserious, and as a result, your blog site will lose a visitor, and you will lose a reader.


Fixing a font problem is easy. Just change your preference. Depending on your post and its content, use fonts. While selecting the font for your blog, make sure it’s not too fancy.

  • The Post Is Not Attractive

Well, the attraction of a blog post depends upon various things. For example, readers usually like a post with bullet points. If your blog is full of words, no variation, there is a tiny chance to grab a reader to read the article.


People want to get more information by spending less time. You must write the post in a reader-friendly manner. Use bullet points. It will help the reader to identify what he or she is looking for, quickly.

  • There is a lack in the Customization of the Post

You may have forgotten to highlight or add internal/external links to the post. This lacking often creates irritation for a reader. No resources linked within your article means your post is not too informative.


You have to use hyperlinks. You can also highlight the keyword or main topic to make the post more eye-catching. But don’t make it too much colorful.

  • No List means No Reader

The reader should know how much information he/she will get after reading your post. A numbered list helps for this reason. When you take a look at your previous posts, you will notice that you have skipped this criterion.


While you are mapping for the next post, add a numbering system. The list will glorify the blog posts, and your visitor will not skip the post before reading.

  • No Image? How Can the Reader Get Attracted?

An image increases the credibility of a post several times. Without a picture in your post, it looks bald and naked.


Don’t worry. Search for some related images over the internet. Add them and see the magic. The visitors will become your consistent reader of every post.

  • Lack of Marketing

Another important reason behind the visitors’ lack of interest in your post, is your lacking of marketing. Everything needs marketing. When it is inadequate, there will be no chance of getting more readers.


To solve the problem, add some tools for collecting the email addresses of your visitors. After publishing every post, send an email along with the link. This marketing will help you in getting more engaged readers.

  • No Comments in the Comment section? Involve Yourself in the Community

If you are tired of finding no comment at the downward of the blog, you have to understand the scenario. The content is not so much engaging that your readers are not spreading it in the reader’s community.


Simple, create more engaging and entertaining posts. The web of reader’s community is so high that the post will reach to everybody.

  • Lack of Socializing

This happens with the most of the bloggers. If you are connected with a social networking site, why not you are not spreading the link in there? This lacking reduces the chance of a high volume reader for your post.


After writing every article, pick up some beautiful lines or quotes. Make a card or use them in writing the future posts or tweets. People who are connected with you via these social networking sites will visit the blog, and the number of readers will automatically increase.

  • The Post is Not Specific

It is a common problem among the bloggers. Sometimes, they are so much excited that the writing becomes unspecified. Readers do not like to wander here and there in a single post.


Keep an eye on the title and stick to the subject till the conclusion. Revise the article and check whether it is out of the context or not. If you are getting out of the topic, bring your concentration back on the subject and write again. This will increase the readers.

  • Are You Creating Boring Contents?

If the visitors are not reading, you must accept the fact is that your content is boring, dull and monotonous. They are not getting the spice what they are looking for.


You need to post useful blog contents. The quality depends on many things, including charts, images, font, and colors. Create a good combination. For doing this, you can visit other renowned blog sites. Use their ideas, but don’t follow blindly. It helps a lot in improving the quality of your future posts.

  • No Experiment, No Result

A blogger should research on the style and subject of the post. The reader will not find it valuable until you can attract them with a proper approach. This lack in experiment leads a post to reader’s disturbance.


You should experiment by writing some posts differently. Observe carefully that which type of posts are shared and commented the most. (Hint: You can use BuzzSumo for this.) In the future, post according to that style. The reader will love it.

  • Blog Post is Not Like an Essay of Your Exam Paper

If you are posting a content similar to a boring essay, there is no chance of coming back for the readers. No one likes a wall of texts, words, and sentences.


The post should be user-friendly. It means you need to preview all the time before the final publishing. See whether your blog post attracts your readers or not.

  • Language Problem? Don’t Expect Readers then

Poor grammar and errors in spelling are two primary reasons for making a blog post ugly. This carelessness in posting content with a plenty of mistakes can make your blog a tin of garbage. The contents are considered to be the trash.


Write correctly or use tools Grammarly. Never leave the chance of revising and proofreading. Always be serious about posting an error-free blog content.

  • Repeating Similar Images

If you have a habit of using stock photos for the content, it may affect your readers. The visitors do not like the same kind of images in every post. All the stock photos are almost the same in posing, styling, and branding. It is quite disturbing.


Find other photos from the web. They should be different in looking and posting. The cheesy photos are not preferable to the readers all the time. Your reader will also enjoy the variety.

  • The Title is Less Attractive

What does a reader see at first of a post? That is the title. To make the post optimized for your visitors, you should make your title impressive. Using the same type of title for the post may also disturb the reader. When a visitor enters into your site, he or she should be attracted to the title. Your posts may be well-written, the headlines are not.


Spend time in finding an engaging, simple and sophisticated title for your blog post. Make sure that it meets all the requirements. The reader will have to read your post after reading the headline.

  • Lack in Sharing Options

A reader always wants to share the popular post with others. When your blog does not have a decent way of sharing content, the reader will not get a chance to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.


Use Necessary tools for availing sharing options. The more visitor will come, the more the reader will read your post, the more share you get, the more traffic you get as referrals.

  • No Optimization, No Unique Readers

If you are not optimizing the post for search engines, the readers will not be able to find it. There will not be enough visitors to read your writing.


Gather some knowledge on SEO. This optimization process is quite easy and enjoyable. When a visitor searches for the related post in search engines, your blog will appear there. It will drive traffic to the site, and you will get unique readers each time. If they like the post, a bunch of regular readers is assured for your upcoming posts.

  • More Writing, Less Promoting

This is the current status of your blog: you have informative contents on your blog, but the reader’s community is small. Because, along with the writing, the blogger must know how to make it an attractive blog post. Otherwise, the reader community will not get engaged. They will leave the blog without reading your excellent content.


Keep the balance between writing and promoting every post. Discuss the ongoing matters and share the link on Facebook pages, on Twitter etc. Use #tag to make the post popular. Readers must come to read your posts.

  • No Love for Blogging? No Future in Blogging

You must be passionate in blogging. Any lack of love for the blog will lead to a permanent detachment for writing the posts. Thus your blog posts will be professional; there will be no existence of life.


Read and visit other blogs. Get inspiration from the successful bloggers. It will help you with posting decent and high-quality content.


Plan, write, proofread, and publish blog posts on your blog and finally promote them. Don’t lose hope if your readers are not attracting. Find out the mistakes and fix them according to these tips. A lovely blogging future is eagerly waiting for you.

Which of these tips did you actually found helpful? Do you want to give your tips as well? (You’re warmly welcomed by us.) Let us know by commenting below.

Happy Blogging!


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