How to Maintain Motivation & Creativity to Keep Up a Blog

Blogging is one of the easiest strategies that can increase the leads up to 70%. Some people do blogging in order to expand their business while some do blogging for their personal interest. Blogging is easy to start but difficult to maintain. Any person can become a blogger but only few can maintain it and can achieve the actual aim from blogging.

The major aim of a blogger is to keep it active and maintained as well as increase productivity. For this purpose, there is a need for a blogger to be more creative and always stay motivated. Increasing creativity with great motivation will help a blogger to keep up the blog.

Most of the bloggers do not even know to be more creative and stay motivated in order to keep the blog alive. Therefore, this article will describe some simple tips, which will help a blogger to increase creativity as well as increase productivity.

How to Maintain Motivation & Creativity to Keep Up a Blog

–               Follow a Proper Plan

The one main step that will highly contribute to increase creativity and makes a blogger stay motivated is to follow a proper plan. Planning makes a task 10% easier and makes you work more efficiently. You should plan each step before starting writing. From writing to posting and time management, having a proper plan for everything will allow working more efficiently.

For this purpose, a blogger can use a planner and plan the whole schedule of a month, week or even a day. Planning will make a blogger increase productivity and makes a blogger always stay highly motivated and allow him to work more creatively.

You can plan your schedule in the following manner.

  • Decide the topic
  • Gather the material
  • Take your time to write
  • Make a proper posting Schedule

Working on this will help a blogger to increase productivity.

–               Kill the Distraction

Another step that highly contributes to increased productivity and creativity is to kill all the distraction that is lacking the productivity and lack of concentration to work properly. While working online one can lack concentration by fancy websites and other attractive stuff. This is the reason, behind decreasing creativity.

In order to avoid distraction to increase creativity here are several sites or apps that serve in this respect. Moreover, best self-control apps for mac allow a blogger to concentrate only on your task and avoid distraction. Working on this major step will allow you to work more efficiently and completely concentrating on your task will help you to be more creative.

Avoiding the distraction and completely concentrating on blog writing and blogging task will allow keeping a blog up with more creativity.

–               Look for your Competition and Do Better

Another step that contributes to increasing creativity for a better outcome and great productivity is to look around for your competition and work better for improvement. Looking upon each aspect and having a check on how other bloggers in this field are working will be helpful for a blooper to increase creativity and o better from others.

Comparing yourself with pro blogger and knowing how they work will make yourself motivated and help you do your task more creatively. It does not mean you simply have to copy them; it is just because to take a little bit of help and guidance to increase your productivity.

There is no harm in the following someone and having a look at how others work, instead, it will help you do your task more efficiently and creatively. This is actually a great help, which at the same time guides you on how to work better to keep your blog up to reach maximum people and increase productivity.

–               Use Social Media for promotion

Next step to keep your blogs maintain is social sharing, through several apps. Social media is the only huge platform, which allows a blogger to share any kind of content easily. Latest technological apps re making it easier day by day to communicate with people easily so do the social media.

There are huge platforms on social media and all of them serve in a unique way to facilitate a blogger in sharing content easily. The topmost social media platforms, which offer easy sharing, are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

These platforms make it easier for a blogger to share content constantly, which in result gather more audience. A great number of audience will keep a blogger stay motivated and work more creatively for the existing audience. This is the simplest way of achieving more audience as well as keeps a blogger always motivated for working better for the future.

–               Always stay Positive

The major step that contributes to staying motivated is to eliminate negativity from life and ignoring what people will think about your career. It is a fact that people with negative thoughts will always demotivate a person and what task he is performing.

To tackle with this situation and overcoming all the negativity to stay motivated a blogger should first eliminate negative people with negative thoughts and try to stay positive always. Positivity is the key that will always keep you motivated and work more creatively.


Being a blogger, it is quite hard sometimes to stay motivated and to maintain the creativity of work. Therefore, it is suggested to a blogger to go with a plan and always work according to a plan, which will help a blogger to stay motivated always. Moreover, avoiding distraction will also help in increasing creativity for a better outcome.


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