Life Hacks from Silicon Valley for Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship has never seemed more appealing than it is today. With numerous, ultra-successful entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, in the news for their new ideas and achievements, it is hard to not daydream about the possibilities.

Working for yourself, making your own hours, and building your vision exactly as you see fit are all a part of the appeal. Many people choose the entrepreneurship route.

However, it is far from an easy road.Those who are successful entrepreneurs are driven and are continually working out ways to improve.

Creating your own business is a long and challenging process, but there are a few ways to make it a little bit easier.

Silicon Valley, California is a hub of technology, and many of the region’s top companies began as small startups. Some of the world’s most driven and successful entrepreneurs call the region home.

Take some tips from some successful businessmen and women to help maximize your productivity and help grow your ideas.

Making it big starts with taking care of yourself. Following these personal wellness steps will help you feel better, which will increase your energy and productivity. Life Hacks from Silicon Valley for Entrepreneurs - ©

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial. Feeling, tired, hungry or even just out of it? In many cases, you’re just thirsty. Get yourself a nice, insulated water bottle and leave it at your desk for convenience.
  • Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. No matter how busy your schedule, budgeting 8-9 hours each night is key, especially before a long, productive day. Studies have shown that avoiding the use of electronics in the hour leading up to sleep typically leads to a better night’s sleep.
  • Eating healthy is another key life hack for any entrepreneur. A well-balanced diet will lead to higher energy levels and less “h-anger,” where an empty stomach leads to a poor attitude. Don’t let hunger get the best of you!
  • Don’t forget to make time for yourself either. Building a business is a stressful process and can quickly take over your life. Taking some time off to go for a hike, a road trip or even just heading to the movies are all stress relieving. Whatever it is that helps ease your mind, give yourself some time to do something you enjoy!
  • Regular exercise is another life hack used by many ultra-productive people. The physical benefits are obvious, but there are lots of mental benefits that come along with exercise. Lower stress levels, higher self-esteem and more energy, are just some of them.
Ensuring personal wellness is the first step in maximising your productivity. Once you have done that, use some of the following tips to make your work day more streamlined.
  • Setting a routine can help build good productive habits. You’ll be less likely to forget things, and it makes setting your schedule a breeze.
  • The use “to-do” lists is another pro-tip from highly productive places like Silicon Valley. Having a physical list to look at is an excellent reminder of what needs to be done and crossing something off of your list is incredibly satisfying. Seeing the list get smaller and smaller as time passes helps track progress and lets you see how far you have come. If you prefer something electronic, the use of an online task manager like Todoist or Trello can be super helpful too.
  • Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. Whether it is asking a question or asking for assistance, don’t be afraid to utilize outside resources when needed. If it is something you cannot do on your own, find the right person for the job. is a great place to find someone for marketing, web design or even writing.
  • Keeping your desk clean and organized is another productivity pro-tip. A space you enjoy working at will help keep you working hard.
  • Avoiding social media is another life hack used by many people in Silicon Valley. Social media is incredibly helpful in marketing and growing a business, but can also be a major time sink and distraction. Cutting it out while at work will keep you on task. Hiring a social media marketing and management company can be a great way to use social media for its benefits while avoiding it yourself.
  • Collaborating with others is another life hack that should be utilised as often as possible. Sharing thoughts with other business owners, friends or family is an excellent way to come up with new ideas or refine old ones. Slack is a collaborative app that stores group communication. This is a great way to store information for later use and is a bit easier than taking notes with pen and paper.
  • If you are the unorganized type, starting and running a business can be especially difficult. Project management platforms like Basecamp are a resource that should be utilized, even if you are the organized type. It puts team communication and works together in one place, easily accessed by you or your co-workers.
  • Set goals! Setting small, achievable goals is another good way to keep on task. It can also make larger projects seem a little less daunting and more approachable.


No one has ever said that starting your own business would be easy, but it is a very attainable dream. With lots of hard work and dedication, you too can realize your dreams.

With all of the apps and programs that exist today, there are more resources to help you succeed than ever.

Make sure to take advantage of these at every opportunity to make your life just a little bit easier.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way. It is incredibly easy to immerse yourself fully in your work, but in the long run, this will cause more harm than good.

Throughout the process, it is essential to take a step back, evaluate yourself and make sure you are in the right place, both mentally and physically, before diving into your work. Each of these pro-tips from Silicon Valley will help you achieve your goals and grow your ideas!

Author Bio: Jayson is a recent graduate from Arizona State University who lives in Phoenix.  Being a lover of entrepreneurship and travel, he’s always ready to bust out a business laptop and visit new places.  He started writing in hope of sharing his experiences with fellow entrepreneurs and travel bugs. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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