How To Write A Blog Post That Gets Shared On Social Media

Do you want to learn How to write a blog post that gets shared on social media every time?

Do you want your articles to get heard by thousands?

I am willing to bet that the answer is Yes – we all do.

In case, you also want to learn how to write a blog post that gets shared on Social Media, then, this post is for you.

Here we’ve shared Six Simple, but proven tips, that is going to help you, FOR SURE.

Sounds fine, huh? Let’s dive in:

How to write a blog post that gets shared.

How to write a blog post that gets shared.

So, the question is why should you actually worry about the high quality blog post, why should you even care about quality? And most importantly, why you should to learn how to write a blog post that gets shared on social media every time? Well, there are basically four reasons, why you should?

Reason 1: Traffic

The more contents you publish on your blog, the more traffic you’ll attract from Search Engines. Also, high-quality content gives you better ranking in various Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) which will
result in even more traffic.

Not only you rank higher in SERPs, infact, you’re also winning heart of your visitors.

Reason 2: List Building

Off-course you can drive core traffic to your landing page, but why not to applying strategy called re-targeting to build a list.
Here is how it works?
If you have high-quality content and you know in the correct way how to write a blog post that gets shared on social media, you can start driving traffic to the piece of information you’re providing on your website (For example, a blog post.)

Then you can launch a re-targeting campaign and promote your freebie or squeeze page to the people who read your article. Though, if you’re delivering valuable content to them in advance, you earned the trust of your audience. You’re not stranger to them anymore and they will more likely opt in.

You can reach tons of case studies about this strategy on the internet. And between you and me we actually stopped building the list by sending core traffic to the landing page.

By strategically, placing a piece of high-quality information in the list building process, we not only see a higher opt in rank but also a high lead quality.

Reason 3: Deliver Value to Subscriber

If you know how to write a blog post that deserves to get shared, then obviously you’ll have high quality content. And in that way, you can deliver value to the email list.

As a result, you’ll see higher open rate and a higher click through rate on the emails that you send to your subscribers. You’ll set yourself a part from the crowd and not be the business that spams subscriber without delivering any value.

Reason 4: Sell Products and Services

With great content, you can prove that you understand the problem of your audience and you are capable of delivering solutions to that work. And eventually earn the trust of your audience.

Your audience will basically more likely to buy your products because if they see that you are delivering useful content for free, they’ll want to find even more quality from you, and the more value if they put money on the tail.

It’s just a great way to give your audience one more reason to buy from you and not from your competitors.

How to Write a Blog Post that Gets Shared on Social Media?

So the question is how to write a blog post that deserves to get shared a lot?
I want your audience to share the content you put out there as much as possible. A number of shares represent the quality of your content. And the more shares you get the more free organic traffic you’ll attract.
So BuzzSumo is a tool which analysis the social share counts of over 100-Million articles.

I think it is very to say that they have a pretty good idea and understanding what get shared the most. Though there are the five magic tricks which can help your content to get shared the most.

And if you really want to learn how to write a blog that deserves to get shared, then here are all those five tips that you must follow:

#1 Create long-Form Content

Long-Form Content gets more shares than short-from Contents.


How to write a blog post - Tip 1 - Craft Long Posts.

Craft Long Posts.

If you look at the chart above, then you see that the longer the content the more shares it gets.

Articles with 3,000-10,000 words get the most average shares and not surprisingly there was sixteen-times more short-form content being written.

Obviously I don’t expect to you to write 5,000 to 10,000 thousand words articles every week. But instead of writing five short articles per week, deliver one long article instead.

Long-Form Contents don’t actually only get more shares than Short-Form Contents, but it is the element of thorough, valuable, informative and well-written content.

People who’re willing to learn how to write a blog post, then this is the very first thing you should keep in your mind.

#2 Have At least One Image in Your Blog Post

Having at least one image in your blog post, leads to more shares on Social Medias.

Twice as many people on average shares post with at least one image in a blog article.

Try to make image yourself for each of your blog post if you can. I am said include at least one image in your blog post, so it’s not mean that you’ll only include one image in your blog post. Though try to include as much as you can.

If you want to hear recommended amount of images then the probably I would say to use 5-10 images per article in order to make your post looking more thorough and informative.
Look at this chart mentioned below to recognize the importance of images in a blog post:

Average Shares for Articles with or without images : Having at least one image in your post leads to more Facebook shares

Have image(s) in your blog post.

#3 Invoke Positive Emotions

Invoke all laughter and amusement. Buzzsumo analyzed the top ten-thousand shared articles across the web and mapped out each onto an emotion such as Joy, Sadness, anger, amusement, laughter etc.

Invoke Positive Emotions

Invoke Positive Emotions

As you can see the least popular emotions were sadness and anger, so try to avoid them in your blog post. However, the three most popular emotions invoked were Awe, laughter, and amusement.

Focus on these three positive emotions in your articles and you’ll get a lot more shares.

#4 Create Lists and Infographics

Peoples love to share list and infographics based blog posts.

Here’s another great chart:

Shares by Content Type : List and Infographics based post tends to get shared

Create List, and infographic posts

As you can see the following content types got the most amounts of shares.
Lists, Infographics, How to Articles, What Posts, Why Posts and Videos, these maybe obvious to you but list posts and infographics received more average shares than any other content type.
So try to make list and infographic based posts as much as you can.

#5 The Magic Number is “10”

If you want to create list-based content then “10” is the magic number.

10 item lists received the most social shares on average 10,621 social shares:

10 is the magic number for lists : Use "10" number in list based posts

Use “10” in your Title.

In fact, they had four-times as many social shares as an average than the second most popular list number “23”. So “10” is just a great number to go for.

#6 Publish on Tuesday

The best day overall to publish content for social shares is Tuesday. The day of the week you publish your content on, can have a big effect when it comes to generating social shares for your content.

Publish on Tuesday

Publish on Tuesday

Generally speaking, content gets the most shares on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday depending on the social networks.


So these are the insides you should be aware of when creating highly shareable content.

If you wanted to learn how to write a blog post that gets shared, then I am very much in confidence all the tips I’ve mentioned above taught you how to write a blog post properly and those content that get shared the most. If you follow these rules then without having a singular doubt your content has the bright amount of chances to get shared.



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