How To Develop A Plan To Grow Your Readership

Do you have a blog, no matter how quality your posts are, you still don’t have as much traffic as you want? You are not alone!

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there who are facing the same issue.

The Internet is such a huge place where everybody fights for his or her place under the sun. There is an enormous amount of content, so the competition is fierce. Whatever you do, there are thousands of people with the same idea.

You won’t achieve much just by posting contents on your blog. You can post day-by-day, sometimes a few times a day, but still go unnoticed. It is because your blog is not being noticed there on the web where millions of other things lay.

You cannot just post a blog post, leave it and wait for 5-6 thousand people to read it.

You need to take certain steps to achieve that goal. Those steps need to be planned and well organized. That should be your way to more audience.

Everything starts with a plan. Without one, your work will be useless and ineffective.

You may spend some time online every day, on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and on other blogs, news sites and so forth. Which can have a massive benefit on your blog’s traffic, but only if you have done a research and found out where your target group ‘hang out.’

Otherwise, the time you spend on the internet cannot be assumed as productive.

You need to get some recognition to make a presence on other sites. As I just said, those sites where your target group spends time.

Then, only then, you can say at the end of the day ‘That was well-spent time on building my blog.’

How To Develop A Plan To Grow Your Readership - Bloggingmotive

How To Develop A Plan To Grow Your Readership

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Here are some tips to develop a plan to boost your blog’s readership.

Make a Schedule

First of all, think about how much time you have to spend online, visiting other websites where you will improve and boost your blog. Make it clear to yourself that it will be like a schedule that you will adhere to.

Also make sure, when you estimate the time, to include the time you spend on your blog, writing and interacting with visitors. It is important.

Describe Your Ideal Reader

Spend some time on defining the profile of people whom you want to visit your blog.

It totally depends on what you post.

Thereby you will identify your desired readers very accurate (by age, gender, location, interests, social class, and so forth.) or not so specific (if they are just an ordinary readers or professionals in the field you blog about).

It may be that you do not have a particular type of reader at all, but just ordinary people who are interested in good writing. That can be good as it would save you some precious time and would not limit your blog to the certain amount of people that share the same interests as you do.

Find Places Where Your Desired Readers Gather

Now an important thing that we have already mentioned a couple of times is that where do your desired readers gather?

This is a very pertinent question because it is crucial to get more readers. You need to be aware of sites, where your desired audience is engaging, so you can spend some time on them and interact with their visitors.

This can be challenging as it is not quite easy to find a site where spending time will be sufficient. It depends on of what your blog is all about.

Tip #1

For example, if you post about science, you probably should consider sites like Bill Nye’s Planetary Society Blog, The Daily Galaxy, IFL Science Editor’s Blog, How Stuff Works – Science, Institute of Physics Blog, and so forth.

Or if your blog is about nature, you could check out sites like Wildnest, Global Wildlife Conservation, TreeHugger, Care2, and so forth.

Tip #2

Another way is by using the most popular sites for communication and interaction with others. Remember that these sites do not necessarily have to be closely related to your topic.

Let’s take Facebook for example.

This social networking site has over 1.85 billion users. Just imagine all the possibilities you have to find your desired readers there. Facebook is known for having lots of groups which is based on so many different topics. You just need to find yours!

This can be applied to other social media sites as well.

LinkedIn is also a famous social networking platform for being an appropriate place to interact with people.

Here you go!

A perfect place for your plan, just log into your LinkedIn account and start to interacting with your audience.

There is also Twitter (the place where it is easy to communicate with people and share opinions), all kind of forums, other blogs (similar to yours would be best) where you can be a guest poster and a commenter.

You see, these websites are not all strictly related to your topic but also social media sites and forums. It is important to stay informed about all the things happen every day about your topic and remain in contact with people that tend to be regular visitors of your blog.

Again, this is not something you will discover fast, it takes time, but keep in mind that it is important and will surely pay you off.

Make an in-depth research on the number of websites. Do not focus only on sites that have the same topic as your blog does.

Expand horizons! 

Think About Opportunities

After you have discovered several sites you would spend time on, it is important to think about the possibilities you have, to build a presence and a profile of your blog.

These include:

Guest Post

This is an excellent opportunity to see what kind of posts go well among people. This is the most efficient if you are a guest poster on some sites with the similar topic as yours (if they allow blog posting).

The blogger of the site where you are a guest poster can give you some advice on which posts go well and which don’t. This always comes quite handy.

Leaving comments

A comment section of a blog is one of the best places to build your blog’s profile. Don’t leave useless comments that have nothing to do. Put some effort in that, and you will see the progress.

When it comes to commenting on other blogs, you want to make sure that you’re as real while commenting as Adeel Sami and Ravi Chahar.

Adeel Sami:

Adeel Sami - Bloggingmotive

Ravi Chahar:

Ravi Chahar - Bloggingmotive

Other bloggers that notice you will ask you to be a guest poster on their blogs. As I said, it is useful.

Interact with people

This refers to social media sites. There, you can communicate with people that share your interests. Log in and make ‘friends.’ Be kind, curious but polite and always try to learn. There might be people that are more experienced than you, and they can help you on your way to make your blog quality and more visited.

Try to make a certain number of ‘friends’ and keep in touch with them on a daily basis. Of course, you should help them as much as you can but also try to learn.

Making profile pages

This again refers to social media sites. Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most of the other social medias allow you to make your page. Use this opportunity to promote your blog. Post interesting things that refer to the field you blog about and gain people who follow you. More people means more visitors for your blog. This can turn out to be the best way of increasing traffic to your blog.


The internet has many possibilities, and one of them is advertising. This does not necessarily have to be expensive. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon and other, allow you to target the specific group of people that have interests in what you blog about, relatively cheaply. This can bring many visitors to your blog as these sites are very popular and proven to be useful.
Be as active as possible on the sites you find that have your potential readers. Try to volunteer, write helpful comments, be a guest poster, communicate with people.

On social media, you should try to make friends you think will help you develop your blog (other bloggers, IT experts, someone with a popular social media page). All of these are very effective ways to build your blog’s presence.

You may want to check out my guest post at ShoutMeLoud too about The 5 People You Need To Meet To Be Successful In Business

Make a Strategy

When you finish with the tips above, you need to make a strategy. This strategy should represent your actions that you will take.

  • How much time you would spend on the sites you have found?
  • What way of advertising will you use?
  • Which sites you will mostly use and what actions will you take there?
  • How many comments and guest posts will you post weekly?

All these should be something you would consider before doing.

That way you will have everything prepared. This will be your schedule that you will try to respect (sometimes you will not be able to, but it is normal).

Also, think about things that could interrupt your schedule and harm your plans. Try to eliminate them or make a compromise. There is always a solution.

Make Space For The New Schedule

Take some time and think about how you spend your time now.

How can your new schedule fit in your already existing and whether it needs to be reworked?

Try to fit your new plan into your already existing internet activities.

Take some time for communicating with friends and some time for interacting with potential blog visitors.

Remember to be as helpful to them as they are to you.

Talk To Your Friends About The Blog

Introduce your ‘physical’ friends with your work. You have a real life, remember? It is as important as virtual one. Talk to your friends and hear what they think about your posts. If they suggest you something, consider it as it may make you a better blogger and your blogs make more interesting and quality. Your friends will tell theirs about your blog. Their friends will spread the word and boom – new visitors every day.

Always Be Productive

Do not procrastinate! People delay every day.

It has become a common thing. It would be best if you could always be on time and up to the schedule.

The internet can be amusing, and you can end up watching cat videos for 5 hours. However, at the end of the day, think about what have you done that could make your blog better. Make a list and if you do not write anything that means you need to focus and improve.

Every new day is an opportunity to make progress, to be at least one step closer to your ultimate goal, i.e. A fruitful and popular blog.

A Balance

Last but not least, Balance. 
This is important because you do not want to neglect your blog and current visitors/readers. The balance refers to the time spent on building blog’s profile/reputation and posting on blogs frequently and replying to comments from your regular readers.

It had happened before that a blogger lost visitors because he/she had spent all the time on making his blog’s reputation. 

Also, do not lower the quality of your blogs. Keep them fresh, interesting and readable.

Always take time for that. That is why thinking about time spent on the web is important. So you can spend it evenly on everything.

Be careful; you do not want this to happen to you!


To sum it up, making a plan to grow your readership is a long process that takes time and effort but it is worth it.

Not every blog can be successful in a day or two, so can’t your blog.

Be determined, optimistic and high spirited.

Take some time to think about everything I had mentioned. If something is not going as you would like, make it right.

Consult with other bloggers who probably have had similar problems as you have at the moment. They surely have a few tips to help you become recognized blogger with a reputation.

It all will pay off, believe me.

Once you succeed, your blogs will be appreciated by many, and you will be proud of yourself.

So good luck and happy blogging!


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