How To Be An AWESOME Writer (When You’ve No Writing Skill) – The Definite Guide

No huge intro needed for this post. If you are not able to start writing due to lack of writing skills, here are some tips that you can implement right now to be an awesome writer, despite being a non-native speaker (and so writer.)

How To Be An AWESOME Writer (When You've No Writing Skill) - The Definite Guide

Sometimes, people who have great imagination power and excellent plotting capacity gets discouraged from writing because of having no writing skill. If you are one of them, this is the post you should consider reading to the end.

Just follow some steps or tips to improve your writing skill. Also, you can develop a method of your own. In this blog post, we have prescribed 25 steps to make it possible. Want to know more? Go through the following tips:

Have a great time in knowledge-seeking!

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Know the basics:

The first suggestion for developing your skill is to gain full information about writing.

There are several writing basics. You can participate in writer’s seminars or workshops. This helps a lot in knowing the basic of writing and plot-making.

Academic writing is also an excellent genre for the writers.

Adding references, collecting resources as well as preparing them for the project are included in those seminars.

The more you get cleared about these basic techniques, the faster you can become an awesome writer.

Lack of skills? Make it your power.

It can become a privilege that you start right from the beginning.

So, the initial step to stick in this profession is to keep an eye on the basics of writing.

Read, read & read:

Always remember this quote:

He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.

He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.


Bottom line: A good follower is a good leader.

When you have an intention to become a good writer, you need to become a good reader.

The primary thing you have to do is reading anything with more concentration. You can start by collecting information about the previous articles of the writer. It helps in knowing his nature and attitude of writing. Now, you will be able to notice the difference between reading an article with the intention of digging deep into the topic and without such intention.

Observing the attitude of your favorite writer helps in judging your style. Choosing a particular writing is possible. However, some writers have versatility. Start to dissect all the included materials. Once you get the reading skill polished, you will know the difference of reading correctly and writing accurately.

Observing the attitude of your favorite writer helps in judging your style. Choosing a particular writing style is possible. However, some writers have versatility. Start to dissect all the included materials. Once you get the reading skill polished, you will know the difference of reading correctly and writing accurately.

Your FIRST draft – Go for it!

The first draft is crucial for the rest of your career. You can write anything you wish. However, I suggest writing some summary of your favorite article or a novel. It helps in getting familiar with the methodical writing.

Also, you can become a part of the writing community. Don’t judge your first draft. Sometimes, you may come up with excellent writing. Or, there is a possibility of losing the encouragement if you judge it as an intermediate writer.

Try to get satisfied with the way you wrote it. The more you get involved in writing, the passion gets boosted.
Show it to an expert or publish the draft in an online community.

Get yourself prepared for the incoming criticism.

Make them positive by applying the method in the future. It helps a lot for the rest of your writing career.

Collaborate with Others

Moving along in this field is quite difficult. Remember that you are writing for others. So, you must know what kind of materials the readers will like. It depends mostly on the ongoing phenomena. Having a knowledge of the current phenomena helps in getting better with the articles.

There is a significant opportunity for using the social media for improving your skill. Find out a person who has the similar writing passion. A strong partnership in writing will help in developing for both of you.

There is a possibility of overlooking during writing. Your partner can find out the mistake faster than you. Similarly, you can find your partner’s mistake at ease.

The collaboration is truly a way to get the overall view of the writing.

An awesome writer must know how to keep the audience on the subject. You and your partner must dig deep into the subject for getting more with the subject.

A vast knowledge on the subject is excellent.

Also, the subconscious mind will find the attractive elements from the other articles. This will inspire you while writing.

Attend any session on writing:

There is a huge community of writers. Keep your eyes open. If you have enough resources, take night classes for improving the skill. These workshops or classes are helpful mostly for justifying the mistakes that a writer can make. There are some evaluating sessions too.

Sometimes, there are competitions for summarizing a novel or article. Participate there not for winning, but for increasing your courage. The courage of publishing anything for the readers is crucial.

Again, reading various materials during these competitions will be a major asset for you.

Moreover, the extra time you spend in reading will become the investment you make in the path of being an awesome writer!

Reflect Your Ideas!

Write what you read. It is not about memorizing. You need to grab the core idea of any article to make the future post better.

This reflecting process becomes worthy when you find the most appropriate writer for you. There is always a versatility among the writers. Two writers cannot agree on the same issue. However, there is a huge possibility of finding yours favorite. It depends upon your dissecting skill. When you get the view of a writer’s article appropriately, you can write like him or her.

In the next stage, you can develop your ideas in the same style.

One thing you must keep in mind while practicing. You have to write on your own. Imitation is okay, but not the best idea to become a unique writer. It may hamper your gifted style. So, become the master of your style. 

Outlines: The best company you get during writing!

Before you write, make a clipboard. If you’re using a laptop, use notepad to outline the upcoming project. Many newcomers skip the step of outlining the writing.

Do you imagine what will happen when you lose the flow of writing?

An awesome writer must know what is coming next. Also, he or she requires the skill of keeping the previous story in the next story.

Such thing is impossible without a well-drawn outline.

If you think that outlining is hard and time-consuming, let me clear it with an example:

The outline is just like a map for a stranger. When you start writing a paragraph, article or something else, you must know dead-ends, alleys, and paths.

The outline is the arrow direction that helps you in reaching the destination. If you are not sure how to create an outline, check out this post.

Basically, you have to answer some questions throughout your writing. These questions should be in the right order. You have to create an order of these how(s), when(s) and what(s).

The more you keep precise in outlining, the more you can stay focused on writing.

Don’t Rush Fast

Becoming an awesome writer needs perseverance. One cannot just gain the fame overnight. You must wait for knowing the upcoming stages.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to judge your position. As you are writing for a particular group of people, find out all your mistakes. Note them down. Create a flow or an algorithm. Never mix up your mistake with your ineligibility.

Because having no skill can be developed, however, mistaking the same thing, again and again, cannot be refined.

You must beware of such mistakes.

After you have full information about your lacking, fixing them will be easier.

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Let’s start writing

These eight steps are important for starting from the very beginning. But you need to know more things about writing. In this segment, your skill is less important. Your intuition is more essential.

Here are the eight simple steps you should follow while writing:

Create a title

What are you going to write? Title it. The title is the starting line of any article, story or novel. A long journey starts with a single step. Naming your article is the first step. Don’t be so much artistic that you get confused. Just write a straightforward title. Recite it twice to get familiar with the topic. Organize words, find the alternative titles, compare them with the another one, and select the one that looks more engaging to you. When you get satisfied with the title of your article, you have already stepped the first step.

Ask question while writing

A good article is like a magnet. It keeps the audience stick to the points. You have to hook the readers from the beginning. To do so, you may start with a question.

For example, if you are writing on scouting, you can come up with a question like, “Isn’t it good to have a mentality of making the world a better place?” I have not used the word “scouting” anywhere. However, the reader will be curious from the beginning on how to make the world a better place through scouting. Such thing works as a hook for the audiences.

Change Your Perspective

An article seems annoying when you use the similar narration over and over again. To get rid of it, bring some additional characters. Use second person or third person. Create a fictional situation in the story. That helps a lot in getting out of the dullness of a story.

The perspective is way more important. When you know the future outcome from writing, it will be easier and more comfortable for you to write.

Never hesitate on switching between the persons in the article. Summarizing at the end will become simpler when you have that particular perspective.

Spread Your Voice through Writing

It may seem a little dramatic but works greatly for the newcomers with no writing skill. The main concept of writing is to express your thoughts.

In your storyboard or outline clip, add a theme. This is the theme that you want to share with the readers. The writing becomes immortal when you add a special flavor to it.

Though you can write well without such things, this is the best thing for attracting and getting admiration from your readers.

Clear the Objective

What is the outcome that your reader will experience? You are the one who should have the answer. There is a trick of adding this objective at the beginning of your writing. In such way, the audience will be more enthusiastic about the article.

Knowing the result of reading a long article helps in making the passage better in every other way. So, you should add the objectives of writing and the outcome of reading in the starting.

Let the audience feel safe to spend time in your article.

Stay on the topic

A common problem often occurs with the starters is that in the article, they wander here and there. It creates confusion for the audiences. The best way for getting rid of such problem is using pauses after a period. Don’t write continuously. Otherwise, the writing will start to reflect your inner dullness or working stress.

Nonetheless, people want to see some transitions in your writing. But you should not start a whole new discussion in the middle of the subject. Such “out of the topic” related facts can discourage the reader.

Just take a look at the outline after completing every phase of the article or story.

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Specify the Fact You Want to Express

Everyone enjoys specification. When you have enough information, people will love to come back for the reading again and again.

This is why keep the resources and links near at your hand. Don’t allow your hand to write anything that is unspecified and entirely different from your thought.

Take a glance on the links or resources after every phase. It benefits you in two ways.

  • First is to remain specified
  • The second reason is for using accurate information.

Shorten and Explain through Less Words

One of the best ways for becoming an incredibly amazing writer is to use short passages and sentences.

You can follow a well-known method:

After you complete writing a full article, just go back to the beginning. Then, delete whatever you have written. Now, rewrite the same thing in fewer words.

The magic is waiting for you. It will look more attractive.

The reason is that body of the composition contains the actual thoughts. Intro and ending are two additional parts. You don’t to bother about them much. Just keep the intro interesting to keep your audience curious about the ending.

At the end of the article, give a short but useful overview. The audience must finish it with a good and a positive vibe!

Hire an editor (optional.)

If you do not have much confidence in your grammar skill, just leave the tension on an editor.

Let me remind you that there is a vast field of hiring experienced editors. They will proofread and help you in improving the grammatical condition of the article.

Again, a good editor will help you in making the content more enthusiastic. Do you want more? Then, ask for rearranging the topics. An expert editor will do it perfectly.

Your job is to write whatever you want to express. Leave the technical tensions to the experts. You have imagination; they have skill.


You can hire Lorraine Reguly from as an editor. Check this page to learn more.

Again, the editor can become your good friend. This partnership can create a healthy relation. In the future, your hired editor will understand what you want to do with the writing.

Include the citation

Your readers love to see credible writings. By using proper citation and your research areas, you can make the article furthermore attractive and reliable.

Once the reader believes in your expertise, the future of your career will be secured.

In this segment, you need to research from credible sources too. For example, Wikipedia is not a good source for all types of information. There is a possibility of getting misinformed. This is why you should justify these sources by yourself.

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Short Tips You can follow

Here are short, but powerful technical tips. These will be very useful when you are in the middle of your first writing project.

Use every punctuation mark carefully. Because “!” and “?” can create a big dilemma to understand the proper meaning of the writing. To remove confusion, use the explanation in brackets.

Write when you feel good. Also, write when you are not feeling in a good mood. Two things are advantageous in two ways. In a positive situation, the writing gets speed, flavor, and spice. You can play with words. On the other hand, writing will soon become your passion and a game. In your bad time, this may result in a good way. You will feel good and express more creatively.

Edit at the finishing. The reason is that any change in the topic due to technical error can spoil the whole writing. Creation is different from editing. Creating a draft includes your thought, imagination, and creativity. Similarly, editing is a boring work. It includes only the errors from grammatical terms and spelling. Let the writing flow. Use resources. When you’ve finished the writing, show the work to your editor, if you want to. Then, you can edit the draft.

• Spend at least half an hour every day in writing. You can make it a part of the routine. Many writers start their day with writing. Some finish the day with writing. Find your own productive time. The basic rule is sorting out the time of the day when you remain fresh. Your article will get a touch of the freshness.

• Divide the writing into several parts. Make your own schedule for writing every part. Diminishing your monotony is necessary. Sometimes, the monotony or dullness of the writer leaves a scar in the written element. People want to see some positivity and inspiration in writing. Make it their favorite. Use every possible way of decorating the novel or story.

• A traditional saying can perhaps help you in becoming an excellent writer. Learn the rules and break them accordingly. If you have the overall idea about writing, you can easily break the ideas and make new ones.

• Follow your preferred writer, but don’t swim in his/her writing. Create a new wave of your style. Improvisation is allowed and hugely encouraged. Most of the famous writers are inspired by previously known great writers. However, they were capable of improvising the writings. That practice led them to be more powerful and attractive writer.

• Concentrate on the spelling. You can either use an editor or online tool for it. However, don’t entirely rely on the tool or software. It may change the whole theme of the article. Not every spelling mistake is a mistake. Sometimes, you use name or places. The software may change that too.

• Taking the public feedback is much more necessary for a writer. Are you being criticized? Don’t lose hope. Take them positively for the future perfection. Many critics will criticize harshly. If you lose the hope and encouragement, the career as a writer may end right there. The best way to perfecting the errors is highlighting. Think how to correct them in your next project. Such awareness will lead you to become a legend, though you do not have any skill.

• Enrich your vocabulary and learn where to use which one. The thesaurus is an ocean of word. Get the most out in every part of your composition. Use easy words for easy articles. Add dramatic words in emotional situations. Such versatility in writing can bring good in future. You can create a new dimension of writing.

• Read loudly whatever you wrote. Many expert writers have suggested to print the writing and read it. This will give you an idea of experiencing own creation as an audience. Also, this is a good way to find out any misperception or misspelling. You can better the article by adding new words. None of these needs the special skill.

• Check the article part by part. Then add them together. Rearrange them. Make sure that it seems natural. A conversational-type article will allow in getting more attached with the audiences. The checking should include the outline. Because it is possible to produce a completely different and better article by adding new parts.

• Don’t enlarge the paragraphs! Though people will read to know, they will not like any excess burden of information. Provide the exact information in short sentences. They will love such style.

• Don’t use the unnecessary adjective. There is a boringness of seeing same “very, great, huge, big, extreme” words again and again. Why bother your reader with these filler words? The better way is to use alternative words and elaborate description of the topic.

• Be patient after writing. Don’t just write and publish at once! Some writers spend two days on thinking after finishing a writing. It lets them rethink and reinvent the ideas.

• Make the article convenient, straightforward and easy-to-understand. As you do not have intermediate writing skill, the reader may also want a simpler article. Give them the chance to test the simple taste.

Mistakes You Should Avoid!

An unskilled writer must beware of avoiding unnecessary mistakes. Here are some mistakes that you have to be careful while developing your ideas into an article:

Complex Title

Never, never and never come up with a name that is not understandable. Otherwise, you will lose the audience in the first line.

Abnormal Expression

Some writers want to make the article too much expressive that it becomes worthless. Avoid any sort of abnormality in your writing.

Thinking Loud

It means that the writer wants to speak a lot in a short period of time. Don’t think much. Use only the required data. Create a perfect article by adding your style in these data.

Ending Boringly

A boring ending will keep the audience in the dark. Misjudging the fact and ending without a moral teaching may lead your article to junk.

Repeating Sentences

If you keep repeating the same fact, again and again, the audience will not stick in that element. Avoid such thing and add versatility accordingly.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Are you clear? Still thinking about starting your first writing? Don’t get upset if you have no skill. Use your talent and love for writing. Let the words speak for yourself. Skill can give you some definite advantages. But it is not possible to increase your imagination through acquiring skills.

A writer should focus more on the content rather than some bookish skills.

Teach yourself from every source you get. Your writing should reflect your thoughts, imagination, and expression.

Did you like these tips? Would you like to add your tip(s)? If so, please contact us. Either way, use these tips and avoid every possible mistake. Be sure to subscribe to Bloggingmotive’s Newsletter now to never miss any future blog posts.

Enjoy your passion.

Have fun in writing!

Cheers, and thanks again for reading!

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