What are some of the cryptocurrencies with great growth potential?

Before pointing out the potential growth cryptocurrencies, it is important to understand what actually a cryptocurrency is. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency mostly in the form of digital coins and tokens that can be used for various purposes. Cryptocurrency has no comparison with the normal currency as it serves in a completely different way.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency has its own transactions and block chains, which in many cases cannot be tracked. However, cryptocurrency is the best way to invest your money in as it also provides huge benefits to its users. One of the greatest benefits of cryptocurrency is that it offers easy sharing without any location tracking.

On the other hand, Reddcoin also serves to be a social cryptocurrency that benefits all social activists through different platforms. To buy Reddcoin will also provide the same benefit to a person as the other cryptocurrencies do.

Cryptocurrency is now becoming popular among people at the same time people are getting more awareness about making use of cryptocurrency to invest in it for goodness sake. Therefore, this article will provide a detailed description of some of the prominent cryptocurrencies that have great potential growth to provide a complete benefit to its users.

Some of the cryptocurrencies with great growth potential are as follows:


  • Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin cash is a digital currency that allows easy use and transfers from peer to peer. This is the most prominent yet very common form of cryptocurrency with high potential growth. The best thing about this cryptocurrency is that it does not depend on any other authority or anything. It simply has a connection between the sender and the receiver

Bitcoin is one of the most used cryptocurrency and serves its users with the greatest possible benefits. Bitcoin cash considered one of the mostly considered cryptocurrency as it provides easy sharing and its blockchain transactions are untraceable. However, this may lead to the disadvantage that it might use for illegal purposes.


  • Litecoin


Another highly used cryptocurrency is the Litecoin, which is almost similar to the bitcoin but the only difference occurs is in pricing and the size. As from the name, one can easily understand the actual meaning of the word Litecoin, which is light in size and price.

The Litecoin is Cheaper than Bitcoin but works almost in the exact same manner as a bitcoin that is it provides a peer to peer connection without the involvement of any third party. Another thing, which makes the Litecoin a great growth potential cryptocurrency, is the speed.

A Litecoin offers fast transfer from sender to receiver, which is another reason that shows its high potential. Being cheap, small in size and highly fast transfer is highly in demand and more valuable.


  • Zcash


While getting into the details about the cryptocurrency industry neglecting Zcash is a little unfair to cryptocurrency. Zcash showed the strongest come back in the crypto industry by overcoming all the flaws that a bitcoin still have.

One of the power factors of Zcash is its privacy concern, which is extremely poor in the case of bitcoin. It offers high privacy to its users, without any fail or mismanagement. Zcash does not compromise on privacy issue like other cryptocurrencies, which makes it the most powerful and potential for use.

Privacy concerns are very important while making a transaction so the Zcash offers a highly private transaction from sender to receiver. Therefore, it is highly preferred and widely in use.  


  • Ontology Coin


Ontology coin is another prominent form of cryptocurrency specially designed for businesses by two Chinese people. It is originally originated from China and the purpose behind this to make the business tractions simpler without making any big change in the existing system.

The working of Ontology coin is not that much complicated, it simply works based on your previous record, whether you are in some other countries. It is subdivided into two categories, that are basic Ontology coin and the Ontology Gas, which make it is more valuable and of high worth.

In short, this type of cryptocurrency is best suitable and great potential for businesses as it is specially designed for this purpose.


  • Stellar


Stellar is another open source for payment using a protocol. The purpose of this cryptocurrency is to make the transactions run smooth and make it easier for people to use this for exchanging digital currency. Like another cryptocurrency, it works in a similar way to the Bitcoin.

The only major difference that occurs using stellar is that it serves its user to transfer money in different currencies like Euros and USD, which makes it easier for the senders and the receiver to make the easy transfer of money.

This prominent feature of stellar makes it highly preferable and highly in demand, in addition, it offers easy transfer from banks as well as with the lowest cost.


  • Ripple


Ripple is a network of cryptocurrency that uses XRP to transfer money through banks and other sources. XRP is a token, which makes a transaction possible. The XRP plays a prominent role in the Ripple network, as it is not possible to transfer money without an XRP.

Ripple offers a day to day transaction therefore, it is highly preferred in addition due to its low prices and fastest exchange it is highly in demand. Ripple also proves to the great growth potential cryptocurrency depending on these factors.

Therefore, making use of this cryptocurrency for a daily money exchange ripple is the best option, which makes the transfer easy and affordable.


This article described the complete description of the most prominent types of cryptocurrency with great growth potential. Cryptocurrency plays a prominent role in transferring digital currency therefore, special care and privacy is the first priority of a crypto transaction. Described above are the few cryptocurrencies, which offers highly private transactions as well as cheap and faster money exchange. Therefore, these are known as great growth potential cryptocurrencies.


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