How To Craft Click-bait Titles For More (SERIOUSLY) Traffic?

Do you know what creates the first impression of a blog post?

The Headline!


When you search for a topic, the search engine shows a bunch of titles. Then you click on one of them.

Have you ever thought why do you click on a particular title without knowing the quality of the post?

This is totally psychological fact.

To attract a reader, the blogger applies some practices in the title because almost everyone knows that creating a good title is one of the most basic ways of driving traffic.

Off-course you need good content so that your readers don’t bounce back after clicking on your page from the SERP, but the title is something that gets the first impression of your potential reader.

An attractive title that works like bait is known as clickbait title. This sort of title is similar to a dangling carrot. Whenever you find the first page after searching for a particular topic, the title will start work as a carrot. It drives the reader toward the site.

Are you interested in learning how to craft such clickbait titles? This is exactly what we are going to discuss today.

Here are some tips for creating clickbait titles!

How To Craft Click-bait Titles For More (SERIOUSLY) Traffic?

Craft the Title with the Topmost Priority

And here’s how:

#1: Judge the Desire of Your Readers

At first, you need to know what the readers are seeking. A blogger must see the desire, opinion or choice of the group of readers. Otherwise, the involvement will not be enough.

If you are writing a universal blog post, it is required to use the universal tone of talking. Sometimes, the differences in language and culture create a long-term effect in blogging. Before putting a word into the article, think twice or thrice. When you find it fair enough, use the word. Or, search for an appropriate one from the internet.

Google and Facebook are two huge sources for identifying the taste of any region.

#2: Create at least 25 Raw Titles

Don’t expect of getting a perfect title for the first time. This is why THE BEST YOU CAN DO IS craft at least 25 titles. Also, search on the internet with the keywords. If you are lucky, you may get a good example. I strongly suggest not to rewrite it. Hence, write it down to your note. Create a different one and catchy one from that.

Sometimes, the idea of generating titles helps in making the whole blog post better. It will give you a clear understanding of the subject. Also, the reader will get pleased to get what they are looking for in the title.

#3: Outlining

The best way of crafting a clickbait title is keeping a note of the outlined points. Find out the charming keywords. From the list of raw titles, start replacing one word with the keyword. The result will undoubtedly amaze you AND your readers.

Because outline helps to craft the main body, it attracts the readers directly from the search results. The creation of a title includes information about the article’s flow.

When you can deliver a precise title at the beginning, the readers will get pleased after reading the main post. This is why outlining the article and cover the flows are significant steps.

#4: Hooking

It may sound peculiar to you, but adding a story or drama with an article title is an excellent way to get numerous traffic. For example, “See How XX Earned $$ in Such a Less Time!”

In short, you are giving a summary of the upcoming content. Hooking requires some additional characteristics in a blog post’s title. There are some key points for hooking a reader while he or she is searching over the internet. You can take a look at them here:

  1. Number: Adding a number or statistical data shortly helps the title to work as a bait for the reader. You know, it becomes more credible to the searcher. People want to see some credibility and precision in writing.

When you are adding a number in the title, it means that you are ensuring the audiences of getting a well-researched content afterward. For instance, “Know How 78% People Search in Google!”

  1. Words: Using the appropriate word in the title is the major technique for driving traffic. Of course, the word does not have to be complicated or hard. A great way to get traffic is including simple, small and comfortable words. People love to see things under their capability.
  • Q&A: Another way of hooking is asking in the title. Well, you must know how to create a question from the post. Just don’t forget to answer the question throughout the post. It brings traffic and keeps your audiences focused on the post. For example, “Do You Know the History of Donald Trump? Here’s How He Achieved Success!”
  1. Narration: A good way of engaging the audience in your blog is including proper narration. The more you can use the conversational tone, it becomes easier for beginning communication with the readers.

#5: Title Selection

When you complete the above steps with your enlisted 25 titles, it is time for selecting the best one. I’d suggest you choose it at the end of your writing schedule. Because there could be a difference in the theme you thought at the beginning. The writer knows about the quality of content only when he has finished the writing.

The selecting procedure has to be neutral. You are your own judge.

Also, see the previous posts and analyze people’s taste. If you find a particular pattern that drives traffic to your site, you should continue that pattern.

On the other hand, when your past record is not well enough for bringing enough traffic, you have to craft a different and catchy one. Clickbait titles are often the biggest weapon for encouraging the readers to click on your post from the SERP.

#6: Tools

If you are not confident enough of your title creation skill or want a better one, you can use some outstandingly great tools. These tools are well-known for crafting clickbait titles for any good blog post. I’ve listed two (pretty much what you need) below:

  1. Headline Analyzer from
  2. Title Analyzer by

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Crafting A Clickbait Title

There is always a risk of making a mistake. Some mistakes may bore your audiences. This is why we have discussed some of the mistakes you must ignore while writing. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Content Should Be Worthy

When a reader clicks your article title, he/she should find an expected content. A shining starting has to be continued throughout the writing. The bouncing rate is an essential thing. You must keep it low so that your site gets more visitor.

I suggest considering the analyzing tools for forecasting the audience’s response. There should be a continuation.

For example, if you write a title like “Earn More than $1.2million in A Year!”, The post has to be relevant.

When the reader finds it worthless, there is no need to craft a title with such pain.

  • Beneficial

Your reader has to be benefited after reading the blog post. You should consider the reader’s benefit. Adding some valuable point and exciting information drives more traffic to the site.

The summary can be added as a Meta description in short. When the reader searches and finds a result page, he will take a glance at the Meta description to know the upcoming story.

Don’t ever create useless content. The problem will get bigger in the future. The audience will not get enough incentive to revisit your site.

  • Lack of Specification

The title must be specified. You should not add inappropriate words to the title. Instead of lengthening the title, you can keep it short, but specified. Remember that your title provides an upcoming condition of the post. So make it as much relevant as you can.

What Is Your Next Step For Crafting A Clickbait Title?

You must get to know about the various type of titles. On the internet, you can get almost all these at the same place. Here, I have discussed some of them in brief.

  1. Headlines with “Best”
  2. “Make The Life Easy” type headlines
  3. Headline with “Race” word
  4. “Had I Been You” type
  5. Sequential headlines
  6. Science-related title
  7. People’s engagement
  8. Experimental Titles
  9. Titles with Ignorance: Contains “Don’t Get Fooled” phrase
  10. Love titles


As you know about crafting clickbait titles now, you can generate more traffic. The success of your blogging career depends mostly on how people respond to your content.

Get your seatbelt on and start creating as much as you can.

Gather all the first class titles in Evernote or Notepad.

Save it and analyze the result of other bloggers.

When you find yourself confident enough, start crafting.

Make it your dream. Success in blogging is waiting for you.

Enjoy Writing!

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