6 Famous Peoples Who Got Rich Through Out Of The Box Technique

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Many people in this world are not only famous but rich too. And then there is another breed who want to be rich just like them. They always work hard in their business or job to make money and get rich. However, most of them are not able to do so. 

If you also belong to such a clan, I have some inspiration for you. This will motivate you to work, not hard but smart.

The list of following six people will inspire you to become rich and famous in the most prominent way possible. These people got rich through out of the box technique which in the beginning looked crazy and impossible. However, they made their thoughts come to reality. 🙂 

7 famous people who got rich through-out of the box techniques

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1. Aaron Krause: Scrub Daddy

Aaron Krause founded Scrub Daddy in 2008. He thought differently of scrubs that were used in the everyday household. He decided to make some changes to the scrub face and shape that were being used.

Aaron Krause: Scrub Daddy

He started a company with the name Scrub Daddy which made the scrub of material which was entirely different from the one that was present in the market and it also had a smiley face on top.

The material used by him made the life of scrub longer and made the cleaning process more fun. The scrub changes to hard state when it comes in contact with cold water and in the soft state with hot water.

2. Don Brawley: Eternal Reefs

While swimming Don Brawley noticed that coral reef is depleting with time and is near to extinction. He along with his friend decided to do something take measures to protect the underwater life. This was the time; these friends decided to make reef ball which is nothing but artificial underwater habitat.

 Don Brawley: Eternal Reefs

This concept was unique and helped him become popular. In 1992, they were finally successful in making first ever reef ball. Soon he was approached by various agencies, both government, and autonomous bodies.

3. Kim Lavine: Microwaveable Pillow

This is a unique concept by Kim Lavine. Just like the name, you can warm this pillow in the microwave and then use it.


This ensured that you have warm pillow before you go to sleep and most of the people liked it. Kim named this pillow ‘Wuvit.’


This product became a hit, and he gained almost quarter of million in first eight weeks of its launch. No doubt, this made Kim very rich and earned her the title of one of the great female entrepreneur of her time. Her idea and concept were very simple, though.

4. Chris Clark: Sold Website

His story is unbelievable and unusual too. He made millions just by selling one single domain with the right name. In 1994, he bought a domain with name ‘pizza.com’ and maintained it at $20 per year for 14 years. A few years ago, he realized the growth of internet and pizza industry. He made this domain available for auction. As soon as pizza companies came to know about it, they went crazy. He sold it for $2.6 million!

5. PewDiePie: YouTube Videos

The real name of this YouTube channel owner is Felix Kjellberg. This famous YouTube owner got rich in most unusual way possible.


He was just 14 years old when he started this channel. With his hard work and engaging videos, he was able to reach up to 9 million views and more than 57 million subscribers.

6. Dani Johnson: Get Healthy Plan

She is a popular speaker, mentor, and coach. Also, Dani is a great multi-tycoon mentor and weight loss trainer. She started making money through her fitness business when she was sleeping in a car and was working as a waitress.


Today, at the age of 23, she owns an organization and has her own weight loss program.

Bottom line

No thought and idea are weird. All you need is concentration and willpower to succeed. If you can work on your idea with dedication and take steps to reach your goal, even out of the box ideas will be successful.  🙂

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