20 Things to Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

Have you already posted your first blog post? If you are waiting for visitors without motivating them properly, you are in the wrong way, pal.

To make it easier for you, I have prepared a checklist of 20 things. When you complete the checklist after posting on your blog, visitors are must to come.

Do you want to increase the traffic tremendously? Follow these tips!

Thank me when you find the analytic in an upward shape.

Let’s take a look at these incredible techniques.


Go through After Publishing

Being overconfident is not a good thing at all. So, you must judge your content as a reader. To do so, simply log out of the site and visit your site. Now, reread the blog post. Ask yourself, “Is there any kind of irrelevant or misinformation?” 

Find out the level of credibility to yourself. It is a good idea to show the finally published blog post to some close people. It allows you to know the upcoming reaction from the visitors. Also, remove any type of controversial terms or complex materials from your article.

Inform Your Subscribers

Remember that letting your website’s newsletter subscribers know about your site new content should be your FIRST priority. They should get the first news of your recently published post.

There is an art of sending a well-crafted newsletter. It depends upon your writing as well as marketing skill.

  • Find the theme of your blog post.
  • Create a short summary.
  • Make a story
  • Let the subscriber know how this post can benefit him/her
  • Assume while sending a newsletter to your subscriber that you are sending it to your friend, so just don’t make it even worse by designing it. Simply send a simple and white background email
  • Finish it with a link to your post

Well, call to action in an email makes the texts more appealing. I won’t recommend adding any irrelevant word or image with the email. It not only reduces the importance but also sends it to the SPAM folder. Consider it as a caution for email marketing.

Share it on Facebook

You should be thankful to Facebook for giving the chance of spreading your blog post in a second. However, before doing it, you have to gather some people either in your profile or a page/group.

Keep sending the core part of the article. If you can create a magnetic attraction, it will be much easier to get traffic from Facebook. Remember, people love to see things easily.

Make sure that they visit from the given link.

Moreover, if you want to track how many traffic your post is getting through your Facebook post, go ahead and use free tools like Bitly or bit.do, create a custom URL and keep tracking time to time to know how many visits your blog post got from that Facebook post.

Tweet it

Let the small bird sing for your post! Yes. We are talking about microblogging about the article on your Twitter account. The more follower you get in your profile, the chance of getting a bunch of traffic increases more.

As you cannot write details on Twitter, you must find the key-points of your writing. Then, add them or HashTag them along with the tweet. You have the opportunity to share a screenshot like Facebook too.

Let Your LinkedIn Connects Know About It

LinkedIn is known as one of the most renowned and professional social networking sites. When you share the content outline there, there will be more chance of connecting with a large number of people. If one reader from here likes the content, he/she will surely share it with others.

Also, you can use LinkedIn Pulse to boost your article. No matter how many scenarios you make for marketing the article and your blog, the Social Networking sites will always be the main source for getting traffic. To make sure their revisit, create valuable and worthy contents.


While you were doing SEO for the article, did you forget about Google+? Well, the increasing number of this social networking site by Google is showing a light for the new blog writers. When you start writing the post, share the memory, a story or the background in your G+ circle.

Let the circle know what you are doing right now. As soon as you hit the “publish” button, share the link with your G+ Circle. Most of the people in the circle come to visit your site.

Again, you can count it as an alternative task of emailing the subscriber. Using Google+ and Gmail is a plus for email marketing.

Start Visiting Other Blogs (More Actively)

If you ever wanted to stay anonymous on the internet, remove the cover forever. Because your appearance in some areas of the vast ocean of Internet will gift you more traffic.

  • Find out a similar blogging site. The content or subject should match with the site.
  • Now, go the latest post by the admin.
  • Read the post carefully.
  • In the comment section, share your opinion about the blog. The positive comment or a little bit of appreciation will not only encourage the writer but also create a good impression about you.
  • Don’t forget to add your link in the commenting area. But, make it as natural as possible.
  • Copy and pasting same comment in several blogs is highly discouraged.
  • Done!

See Your Post More Carefully

From the dashboard, go to the comment section. If you find a blogger in the article, visit his/her link. Read the article and comment on that blog too.

It is like building a liaison between two bloggers. In the long run, both of the bloggers can get mutual traffic. People who are visiting another blog and find your comment along with the link will feel curious about your item. That’s how it works.

Post on Popular Forums

Forums are the actual place for starting a discussion about anything. Join some crowded forums. After you publish the blog post, create a thread to make sure people know of your content. Take part as long as possible in that discussion.

If a forum poster wants to get elaborate information about the topic, share the link without any delay. You must be careful about being relevant at every moment. Bothering someone with unnecessary link sharing can harm your existence in the virtual community or forums.

Get Some Motivators To Speak For You

The number of online motivators or influencers is increasing at an unbelievable rate. When they suggest something to their admirers or followers, it gets more publicity than your marketing. Let them know about your article. 

You can either send an email or attach the link on social networking site for informing them. Some influencers remain busy all the time. For their convenience, use an infographic material. If they like it, they will share it. Your power of convincing will be the actual weapon to persuade them properly.

Link Between Your Older Posts with The Newly Published Post

Interlinking is an excellent way to keep your visitor busy on your site. To do so, simply add some hyperlink terms in the post. These should contain the older articles by you.

Don’t ignore the images too. If you forget Google Image, it will be unfair. This part of Google search provides much trafficking when you add photos to your site.

People will know about the existence of an article with the similar content that they are searching on Google Image Search.

You may purchase stock photos or create a few data charts to fill the places in an article.

Start Monitoring With Google Alerts

Google knows everything! Yes, when someone is looking for a topic, Google Alert can do the job of monitoring for you. Subscribe in there and request for the regular email updates.

If you find the more interesting topic on the web, create contents or reorganize it according to the hot topic on the internet. Going viral on social networking sites have become quite comfortable in this way.

Also, you may find the next topic quickly from Google Alerts. They will inform all about companies, finance, politics, sports, fashion, etc.

Know and Use the Actual Benefits of Aggregator Sites

People want to get everything in a second. Some prefer not to search for specific keywords. Rather, they use aggregator sites.

It is basically a bunch of contents on similar topics. For example, if you are looking for Nike Shoes, an aggregator site will show you all the contents published on different sites together. You need to choose from there.

This is why our suggestion is to add your content to the list of aggregator site. Whenever a person looks for it, he will get it from the thousand options. Here are some top ranking aggregator sites.

Group, Community, and Pages will Serve You More

One of the primary task while creating a blogging site is to create an associative FB Group, Page or Community. People with the same interest can join and discuss the website openly.

After you publish the content on your blog, post the link in the respective group, community or page. Add some titles or hashtags. Involve the interested people to join for a discussion in your website’s comment section. Make it a hot topic in town.


This is more likely to a friendly treaty. You have to find some bloggers with similar interest. Then, start visiting their published articles and invite them to visit your article. Don’t hesitate as you are giving them the required views. Also, you can interlink their sites relevantly.

Such syndication brings good result in future. Because of having mutual followers, the visitors get more information. Also, if your content seems more credible, the visitors from other bloggers’ recommendation will come to your site at first. This depends on your ability of content creation. 

Record a Podcast

Podcasting is the new cool feature of blogging. You can easily turn a 1500 word blog post to an 8-minute podcasting. Record it in your own voice. Hiring a professional may cost you a lot. (Again, a professional voice over expert may not be able to describe things as comfortably as you can. )

There is a chance of creating an additional storyline along with the podcast of your blog post. Creating a musical harmony may enhance the freshness of the topic. Use appropriate environment regarding the subject of the post. Never use the irrelevant accent, word or phrase.

Spend Some Money on FB Advertisement

Though you may have a plenty of followers in your profile or official page, advertising is always a good thing. Again, it does not cost much. Contact with the Facebook authority and share the link. Add tags and your desired style of viewing. The rest is in the hand of the Ad publishers.

When a window of your catchy article pops up in front of a Facebook user, he must visit the site. This is why tilting plays an important role. To know how to use the title, see my previous post on “40 Things to Do Before You Publish a Blog Post”.

Quora Activity

The more you answer on Quora.com, the possibility of getting new user will increase. This is a huge community of curious people. They keep asking questions. All you have to do is to find your topic-related question. Answer as much as you can. Be very specific.

Refresh The Content

Never let your content getting dried. Refresh it on a regular basis. It means, adds new information, update the outline and create new stories.

Publish An Ebook

The last thing we suggest is creating an e-book. If you are afraid of such big job, find a professional. Elaborate the topic as much as you can. Describe everything correctly.

Add some high-quality images in the books. Create a shiny cover page. Tada! Your job is done. Publish it and send another newsletter to your subscribers about the Ebook. It will attract more visitors.


Are you feeling more confident now? A blog post can change the lifestyle, views, and attitude of a large group of people. So, be more affectionate about what you do. Devote yourself in the ocean of content creation.

When you are publishing a new blog post, you are actually stepping into the world of creativity.

Spread the words everywhere.


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