10 Tips When Buying From a Chinese Supplier

Importing from any other country can always be tricky and a bit of a chore. You don’t have to take several steps to get the job done, but there are many other factors that you have to keep in mind. Other than business, there are many other things which you need to consider, different culture and language barrier along with holidays.

When you are buying from a Chinese supplier, you also have to see that the supplier is reliable or not including the other major and tiny details to prevent scamming. If you want a flawless and beautiful experience while buying from Chinese suppliers here are few pro tips for you to make your life easier.

10 Tips When Buying From a Chinese Supplier

10 Tips When Buying From a Chinese Supplier

1.    Never put your all eggs in one basket:

You should never rely on only one supplier to fulfill your demand and meet your expectations as anything can go wrong and you may face any unexpected circumstances.

There are many difficulties on your way while importing from China like timings, miscommunications, product quality or production issues, etc. That is why you must keep another contact or contacts on your list and have a conversation with them so that if anything goes wrong, you can always go with your plan B.

2.    Know your supplier before starting a business:

The worst decision you can make while importing your order from China is to do things in a hurry. It will not only waste your money but can because of you more damage at the same time. You should first do complete research before starting a business with your Chinese supplier.

  • Check their physical address to make sure that they exist
  • Get references from their clients and contact them
  • Make sure that they are actual manufacturer of the product or a broker/ middleman so that you don’t end up paying extra bucks to them
  • Ask for previous experience of producing a similar product and quaintly before
  • Ask for a product samples so that you have an idea of the quality you are importing.

3.    Build a relationship before business:

It is essential for you to first develop the relationship with your Chinese supplier before starting the business. The way you communicates plays an essential role here; you must build trust, mutual interest, and benefits, more than just a monetary gain.

4.    Keep an eye on the holidays and calendar:

Chinese have various festivals and occasions when the factors and businesses are not working. The number of holidays can be up to 50, or so that is why you have to keep an eye on the Chinese calendar and the holidays coming in season so that you don’t have to face any delays in delivery.

5.    Go and meet them (if possible):

There is nothing better than to meet your supplier in China and see that they are a company or not. It highly recommended for multiple reasons, to see the factory, manufacturing potential, amount of business they do, the quality of the product, the condition of the factory and many more.

Also, when you go out and meet them, it will build a better and suitable connection and relationship. They will take you and your order much seriously, and you can even keep a check and balance on the factory production. That is why if you are going for a bigger deal and business transaction in the future it is good to invest in traveling and checking the factory in China.

6.    Pay attention to etiquettes:

When it comes to Chinese people, they are strict about the social constructs, customs and ethics that is why they pay special attention to the etiquettes and notice slightly awkward moments as well. Therefore there are no chances to make mistakes and it will give a really bad impression if you fail to impress them.

Make sure of to greeting the boss first, calling them with their last names and job titles, make gentle and short handshakes as long and tight handshakes are considered offensive and intimidating, talk about them before going straight to the business, avoid eye contacting directly, no patting on the back or any touching in general.

7.    Do your research well:

When dealing with Chinese suppliers, it is good to do your in-depth research and see the verification and scamming history of the company on your own since there are many frauds working in the market.

Therefore you have to do complete and right research about the reliability and working of the company before placing your order. Check on various websites, B2B marketplaces and ask several questions before placing your order.

8.    Make payments on time:

Chinese have great value for promises and they consider it your professional obligation to make payments on time. Therefore if you are dealing with Chinese suppliers make sure that you arrange the payment ahead and pay them on the given schedule so that you have a better and stronger relationship with your supplier.

9.    Get a sample ahead:

Placing an order can be much easier if you ask for a sample ahead especially when it comes to checking the quality of your product the samples are the best way to do it.

10.    Start it with small order and investments:

If you want to be extra careful while doing business, you should start placing a small order at least with the minimum quantity your manufacture takes. It will help you check the real potential of the supplier.




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