10 Straight-Up Truths About Blogging

Nowadays, with an extremely high popularity of the Internet, this sort of activity is at its peak and does not seem to change shortly.

Now, it’s not about fashion or design; it’s not about writing essays or studying. As you can guess, now we will talk about blogging. We will tell the truths about blogging.

Many people want to start their blog and probably become a millionaire blogger. However, there are other reasons, too.

10 Straight-Up Truths About Blogging

The reason number one is creativity, of course. It’s not a secret that for many creative people, blogging is the best platform ever because this is exactly the place they can share their experience with other people, give others some advice, tips, and recommendations.

The second reason why this type of activity is so widespread is even more significant than the previous one – blogging for money. I am not telling you that it’s the most important thing for them, but definitely not the least either.

The third reason is the easiness of access because you can use any online platform to start writing your blog. The most popular are known for everyone – WordPress and Blogspot.

Despite the fact that there are many other useful online resources, the mentioned two platforms have some advantages over all other ones (free, easy interface, post without fuss).

Everything seems to be pretty easy, doesn’t it?

But give me a second, and I’ll tell you the straight-up truths about real blogging.

10 Straight-Up Truths About Blogging

1. Blogging isn’t for everyone!

Every day more than 200,000 blogs appear in the Internet space. Can you believe this? It’s insane!

I’m not sure if it’s bad, but the question is that how many of them can really manage it? Are all of them such creative and hard-working people, whose blogs are worth reading?

In this regard, some people should understand that blogging might not be for them.

2. Blogging isn’t about money!

The next interesting thing that I have heard thousands of times from many people is about their desire to be a millionaire blogger. Surely, such dream is a plus, especially when you decide to be a full-time blogger, but still, be more realistic!

Don’t think only about money! Besides, how exactly do you want to earn so much by simply starting your own blog with no direct goals?

Millionaires’ blog is a unique product to the extent that it is more popular than the thousands of blogs existing.

3. Blogging is work!

There is such a myth that blogging is something slightly more important than a hobby. Of course, your blog is your passion, but you should also understand that it’s also a set of your responsibilities before your readers.

You should have a schedule, where you will write and post new articles, so forget about laziness and tiredness.

4. Blogging is a concept!

If you think you know what to tell your readers in your blog, think more.

I mean that if you have only the idea of ‘something,’ of how it should be, it is not enough because you should have a structural plan of all your ideas.

Try to understand what exactly you can offer your readers, what type of information you can provide, and how you can make it as interesting as possible.

Don’t think that several ideas and some imagination are the only keys to your future successful blog.

Think, learn, read and create something special!

5. Blogging is hard!

You are very naive if you think that blogging is easy. Of course, it isn’t the same that being an engineer or a doctor, but it is still a specific job.

Do you think that to be inspired and creative to other people, motivate them and be the super positive person all the times is easy? I don’t think so.

With every new post on your blog (if you really do your business well), you will share a small part of your heart and soul with thousands of people.

Believe me; this is the hardest thing ever! Be ready for it!

6. Blogging is a progress and a process!

In a professional sense, development and growth are the most important things for everybody.

The same deal we have with blogging. At the beginning of your blogger career, you should work hard to be modern, exciting, and useful for your audience.

Don’t write articles in the same style, don’t use the same pictures, don’t be too predictable for the audience, be creative, and write unique and high-quality content to get yourself, devoted readers and followers!

7. Blogging is a criticism!

Be ready that your sense of beauty can differ from someone else’s, and many people will be telling you that all the time.

Please, don’t take it personally! You should understand that every person has its own views and thoughts on pretty much everything, and it doesn’t mean that your blog is terrible just because of some, for instance, Anny Brown from Chicago, who says so.

8. Blogging is a passion!

Stop even thinking about blogging if you don’t like the idea of writing, interesting content, and business stuff in general. You should love what you do, remember it.

9. Blogging is an audience!

Being a blogger means communication with your audience, and don’t forget that you have it all.

Be confident and responsible in your feedback to your readers. They will appreciate that!

10. Blogging is about you!

Blogging is your passion, your life, your thoughts, and the key words here are honesty, openness, respect, and love.

Be honest with your readers, and never, NEVER pretend to be someone you are not.

Be yourself, and only in such a way your blog, your art, and your product will become successful!

The end

These were my ten straight-up truths about blogging, which will be very useful for you to start your career as a blogger. Be inspired and motivate others!


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