BloggingMotive was launched on November, 8, 2016, pretty young blog, right?



BloggingMotive is a blog where we’re mainly focused to publish articles on Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Startup, Video marketing, WordPress and other related stuffs like these all.

BloggingMotive is a resource for all blogging beginners, run by me, Shakir Hassan, to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income.

I started this blog during my school days, I am still school going guy. As I’ve been blogging for last three years, I still believe I have enough Experience of Blogging that I can teach ’em to my readers.

If you’re a newbie blogger, and want to polish your knowledge on blogging, and want to create a blog that is fueled by passive income, BloggingMotive is one of those sites that will help you get these dreams done.

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